Portfolio #1:

SNDK - is the only position that we have in this portfolio that is in the money going into Friday's expiration.

We will probably have to close out the SNDK 41 put tomorrow either on an up opening or flat opening, or we can wait until the close of the day and place a MARKET ON CLOSE order to close out our SNDK 41 put position.
If you are going to be away from your computer be sure you have some type of MARKET ON CLOSE order if you are waiting until the end of the day, even $0.01 in the money will cause stock to be put to you.

All the other positions should expire worthless tomorrow.

They would be all on the call side:

SNDK, BBY, TOL APOL, GMCR, HPQ, WDC, TPX, NAV, & PAY call spreads.

Portfolio #2:

Going into tomorrow's October expiration close we have to potentially act on position of concern and even that position is still $1.54 out of the money.

That position is FDX (puts), which is the only put position we have in this portfolio.

We should be okay unless the market takes a major hit tomorrow.

As for the other spreads, they all look like they should expire worthless tomorrow.

They are all on the call side. AXP, LULU, LH, NKE, CAT.

CAVEAT: As always if at anytime and other position should look to close in the money tomorrow. That position needs to be closed before the end of the day.

Even if the stock is only $0.01 in the money against our stock position, we will have to close it our or it will be assigned stock ( if we are short the put side) or have stock called away that we may not own and would have to buy in the open market.

Anyway, besure if "Murphy's law" should show up that you close out any other short put or call that looks to close in the money before the market closes on Friday.

This is the last watch list for November, as we will be begin following the December Watch list tomorrow as soon as the November positions go off the board.