Portfolio #1: ACTIONS:

Before the action in the HOuse of representatives today, I was ready just to throw in the towel on several issues tomorrow.

However, with the futures DJIA futures down triple digits and S&P over $22 as of this emailing.

We are going to have to deal with the following issues

X - Dec 23 Call - $1.62 in the money.

OPEN - Dec 47.50 call - $1.98 in the money.

HPQ - DEC 14 Call - $0.43 in the money.

NXY - DEC 26 call - $0.77 in the money.

We are going to look to close any and all of the above issues at the close tomorrow if they remain in the money.

However, if anyone chooses they may look to close out earlier on a big down opening and potential cut their losses at that point, which should be less than we would have looked at if the House would have come up with "PLAN B".

DB & APOL are two additional issues to watch that are on the watch list that are out of the money.

We will also going to have to keep an eye on these two additional issues.

DB - short Dec 45 call is $0.21 out of the money.

APOL - short Dec 21 call is $0.20 out of the money.

Hopefully, this evenings future numbers will continue into tomorrow's open. if so, these two issues could expire worthless.


We will need to watch DO closely, as it is the only position in the money but only by $0.01.

Hopefully, the future negative action tonight will give this position the chance to expire worthless. However, if DO looks to close above $70.25 will be be forced to close the short DEC 70.25 call out. We will not be acting until the close and only if necessary at that time.

We will need to watch all the following issues tomorrow.

FFIV, AXP are both less than $0.20 out of the money, however if the futures trade on the open like they look tonight there is a good chance we might have to take no action.

XOM, SWI(calls)& SWI(puts) CAT callsare additional positions that we will also need to be watched tomorrow and are all between $0.59 to $3.00 out of the money.

Again, hopefully this late night sell off in the futures markets carries over to tomorrow and potentially this could allow all these positions to close lower and expire worthless.

CAVEAT: Just remember if any position looks to close in the money tomorrow please be sure to close it out before the close tomorrow, even if it looks to closeeven $0.01 in the money.

If you do not you wil be exercised or assigned and have stock either put to you or in most cases this month have stock called away that you probably do not own.

If anything unusual develops you will be emailed tomorrow with any change in action that may be needed.