MCM January 2013 Final Results.


The MCM January 2013 Portfolio #1 showed a -$3,920 LOSS for the month.

It was primarily the late running department store positions SHLD, LTD, GPS along with FIO, BP and BHI(calls) .

It is very difficult to sell short put spreads with the VIX sitting at a low price of 12.46.

You know something is brewing, we just don't know when.


The MCM January 2012 Portfolio #2 showed a modest $720 LOSS for the month.

The same story it was all department stores call spreads that took us down in portfolio#2.

JWN, TIF, HD along with WYNN, KMB and RRC.

The specifics on each trade can be seen in the PORTFOLIO section of the MCM newsletter.

The MCM February 2013 watch list and PORTFOLIO starts posting later tonight.

We also will be adding positions in both February 2013 portfolios this weekend as well.