MCM February 2013 Final Results.


The MCM February 2013 Portfolio #1 showed a -$2,790 LOSS for the month.

Unfortunately SYZ and FIRE bounced back to late and would have saved the month, but their rebounds were right after we closed out positions and their moves were just a little late.

Also, retailers SHLD and DLTR did not help the portfolio this month either.


The MCM February 2013 Portfolio #2 showed some promise with a $1,410 GAIN for the month.

RRC and BIDI ( which we closed before earnings), where the only trouble spots we had with portfolio #2.

Strong performances by retailers DECK, TIF, COST, ROST helped the portfolio. as the only real problem, unfortunately was RRC

The specifics on each trade in both portfolios can be seen in the PORTFOLIO section of the MCM newsletter.

The MCM MARCH 2013 watch list and PORTFOLIO starts posting later tonight.

Beside adding addition positions in both MARCH 2013 portfolios this weekend, we will, however, have to make a major adjustment in the STZ short call spread position in Portfolio #1 over the weekend, as well.