We are recommending the following credit spreads to the April expiration cycle.

We are recommending credit spreads for our Portfolio #1 in the following issues.

We are recommending an addition put credit spread on STX.

This put credit spread will complete an iron butterfly on our STX position.

However, we will still have those 20 put spread contracts open when we made our original condor with a strike spread on the 33/32 puts.

Hence we will have 40 short STX put positions which we will keep open for now.

Additionally, we are going to add a GM put spread which will complete an iron Condor on our GM position.

Notice we will be only adding 10 GM contracts on the put side NOT 20 as we have on all our other positions in Portfolio #1.

The GM puts will not require any additional margin, but the STX puts will require an additional $3,760.

We are recommending the following specific credit spreads.

Put credit spreads = Bullish Put spread.