FINAL MCM APRIL 2013 Disposition of open positions for Friday's expiration.

Portfolio #1:

IBN - IBN April $45 short call looks to be the only issue that we need to watch going into the close of the April 2013 expiration cycle as it is $0.79 out of the money. KEEP an eye on it and be ready to act to close out this position it the stock looks to close above $45 before the close tomorrow.

CLF BBRY GM JCP FB STX CRUS VVUS call spreads all look to and should expire worthless tomorrow.

Portfolio #2:

The only issue that we need to watch tomorrow should be the LULU $67.40 short put, which is still $1.35 out of the money, but was over $3.50 out of the money on Thursday's close. So we do not need another move like today to the downside. Let's keep an eye on LULU and it necessary be prepared to act if LULU looks to close below $67.50 tomorrow.

FFIV VMW RAX BIDU are all over $10 out of the money and should easily expire worthless tomorrow.

ESV RIG CTRX are also from $3.00 to $9.00 out of the money and should also expire worthless at the close tomorrow.

As usual, if for any reason any of these issues look to close in the money before the close tomorrow, if they are not closed out and are even jus $0.01 in the money they will be assigned, meaning you could have stock called away from you that you probably do not have.

The same is true on the one put position we are still carrying on LULU, if LULU should close in the money and you do not close the short $67.50 put, you will be assigned stock that you probably do not want.

We will be adding several more position for the May expiration in both portfolios this weekend.