FINAL MCM JUNE 2013 Disposition of open positions for Friday's expiration.

Portfolio #1:

RVBD - RVBD Jun 16 call is currently $0.09 in the money going into Friday's June expiration.

We will probably have to close out this position tomorrow if it looks to close above 16 near tomorrow's close.

However, if the recent market selloff continues tomorrow, there is a chance that RVBD could close below $16 and the short 16 call could expire worthless.

For those of you who are in this position you may look to close on the opening, especially, if we get a down or flat opening or you may decide to hold to the end of the day and close out the position with a market on close , if it becomes necessary, especially if you are going to be away from your computer at the close tomorrow.

All the other positions are call positions except EMC, and are anywhere from 2 - 4 points out of the money and should expire worhtless tomorrow.

In addition our lone EMC June 22 put position, held up well and should also expire worthless tomorrow at the close.


Portfolio #2:

All of our open positions in this portfolio are call spreads and are anywhere from 2 points to 11 points out of the money and should all expire worthless tomorrow unless there is a total reversal of the market, and even that might not be enough to cause these current open positions any concern.

All the positions in portfolio #2 that are currently open should expire worthless tomorrow.

As usual, if for any reason any of these issues look to close in the money before the close tomorrow, if they are not closed out and are even just $0.01 in the money they will be assigned, meaning, if you have short calls, you could have stock called away the you do not want and probably do not have.

The same is true on the one put position we have open in portfolio #1, if it should end up in the money and you do not close that short put position, you will be assigned stock that you probably do not want.

However, I feel that our EMC Jun 22 put should also expire worthless

We will be adding several more position for the July expiration in both portfolios this weekend and begin following the MCM July watch list and portfolio positions in the watch list starting Friday after tomorrow's June positions go off the board.

Look for addition MCM July 2013 options this weekend.