Portfolio #1: ALERT closing ANF July 49/48 call spread.

We are recommending the following action tomorrow.

We are looking to close out the ANF July 49/48 call spread for a NET DEBIT of $0.83-$0.85

The BID/ASK is $0.75 - $0.91.

As usual we always look to split the BID/ASK, so try and work the BID/ASK spread

Nevertheless, we will be closing this spread tomorrow, before the close.

We will be also watching WAG & BBY during the day and may be prepared to act on them DURING tomorrow's session, if necessary. You will be emailed if we decide to act on either or both WAG & BBY.

Portfolio #2: NO ACTION tomorrow, but we should also be prepared to potentially act on CLX & SWK, not tomorrow, but potentially with recommendation for action Thursday morning, on Wednesday night email to potentially close or adjust CLX and/or SWK.

Hence, the only action tomorrow is the ANF July call spread closing, with a POTENTIAL of maybe some activity with BBY & WAG, if necessary during tomorrow's session.

If that becomes necessary you will be emailed particulars during market hours.

A quick reminder: MCM August 2013 recommendations will be starting this weekend.