MCM July Positions to be closed tomorrow. ( see below )


Portfolio #1: ALERT closing FSLR July 47/48 call spread.

We are looking to close out the FLSR July 47/48 call spread for a NET DEBIT of $0.84-$0.88

The BID/ASK is $0.75 - $0.96.

As usual we always look to split the BID/ASK, so try and work the BID/ASK spread

Nevertheless, we will be closing this spread Tuesday, before the close.


MCM August 2013 Fills.

Portfolio #1: JCP LEN KBH August 2013 call spreads filled.

Portfolio #2: DRI ACN August 2013 call spreads filled.

The MCM August watch list and Portfolio will begin being followed Friday afternoon right after July option expire and come off the board.