MCM October 2013 fills: Portfolio #2: YELP put spread filled.

MCM September 2013 closes:

MCM September 2013 Portfolio #1:

JPC 13/14 put spread closed for NET DEBIT of $0.80.

We are holding UAL call spread for now.

PHM we will dispose before the close , if necessary.

DHI (which is now out of the money ) , we will hold until the close.
and either let it expire worthless or close it out if it looks to close above $21 at markets end.

MCM September Portfolio #2:

NSC September 33 call, we are continuing to hold and watch and will react if necessary before the close.

AXP September 77.5 call, we will close at the end of the day if it looks to close above $77.50, or let it expire worthless if it looks to close under $77.50

other MCM September positions in Portfolio #2: CVS, YUM, PRU(p), PRU(c) we will be holding to the close.

They are all currently out of the money, if you desire you can put in a STOP at the strike price in case they rally near the close, however we are going to hold ALL four (4) of these positions CVS, YUM, PRU(p) & PRU(c) until the close in hopes that they continue to trade below their short strike prices and expire worthless.