FINAL MCM January 2014 Disposition of open positions for Friday's expiration.


Portfolio #1:

These are the position(s) are still off the WATCH LIST that we just might want to keep and eye on going into tomorrow's close, but with any kind of normality in the market on expiration Friday, should still expire worthless as both are over 1.30 points out of the money.

They are MSFT(calls) and CIEN(puts).

Positions that are significantly out of the money by 3 - 5 1/2 points that we should NOT have to worry about at all tomorrow.

VLO (puts), RCl(puts), MRK(puts), YHOO (puts),& CLF(calls)

These positions above should require no action and should expire worthless tomorrow.


Portfolio #2:

All of the remaining open call spread positions in Portfolio #2 (LULU (calls), GLD(calls), PRU (puts), DIS (puts), LVS(puts), URI(puts), GILD(puts))are all anywhere from 3.50 - 13.25 points out of the money and should all expire worthless tomorrow, unless an unforeseeable event should transpire with any of them.

If that were to transpire that would surely be called the worse case of "Murphy's Law".

The only issue the even should be a concern tomorrow is the JWN (call) position which is slightly off of the WATCH list, but still over $1.50 out of the money.

Unless we get some unusual noise, the JWN(puts) should also expire worthless on Friday.


Portfolio #3:

The biggest concern going into Friday is the MBI (calls) which are on the watch list and only $0.10 OUT-OF-THE-MONEY.

Hopefully, the MBI January 12 calls will not need to be addressed, but they need to be watched as several times this week the MBI January 12 call has been slightly in the money and we currently have an OPEN buy stop at $0.35 on the MBI January 12 call.

Of course, even if MBI January calls DO NOT GET stopped out tomorrow, and there is a better then average chance they will not, we may have to close out the MBI January 12 calls, if MBI looks to close over $12 at the close tomorrow.

Please keep that in mind as we go through tomorrow's final day of the monthly option cycle.

Positions that are out of the money, but on the watch list that you MIGHT have to deal with tomorrow.
ABX(calls) and NUAN(calls) currently $0.40 - $0.90 out of the money/

Finally, the SLV January 20 short calls might need to be watched , just in case there is a surprise run up in the precious metals, eventhough SLV January 20 call is still $0.60 out of the money.

The remaining open call spread position in Portfolio #3:

The JCP(calls), should expire worthless as well as the remaining put spreads in TSL(puts)and SUNE(puts).



As usual, if for any reason any of these issues look to close in the money before the close tomorrow, if they are not closed out and are even just $0.01 in the money they will be assigned, meaning, if you have short puts, you could have stock put to you that you probably do not want and if you are short calls you could have stock called away from you that you probably do not have.

We will be adding several more positions for the February expiration in the three (3) portfolios this weekend.

We will begin following the MCM February 2014 portfolio positions in the watch list starting Friday after tomorrow's Janaury option positions go off the board.

We will begin the posting of The MCM February 2014 watch list and portfolio will after tomorrow's close.