We are looking forward to next weekend as we will be adding our MCM August 2014 recommendations. I need to advise you that earnings season is upon us and our selection choices are going to be a little lean, but there will be a few.

In the meantime, we have a few issues that we will want to deal with on Monday.


Portfolio #1:ALERT: CLOSING LOW JULY 47/48 call spread.

We are looking to close out the LOW JULY 47/48 call spread for a NET DEBIT of $0.69 - $0.75

The BID/ASK is $0.66- $0.78 as of this current email.

As usual we always look to split the BID/ASK, so try and work the BID/ASK spread

Never the less, we will be closing this spread on Monday, before the close.


Portfolio #3: ALERT We are placing a Good until canceled BUY STOP order on the WLT JULY 6 call to close.

We are placing a BUY STOP on the WLT JULY 6 call a $0.56 DEBIT

If the BUY STOP PRICE is triggered we will be stopped out of the WLT JULY 6 call and then sell our WLT JULY 8 Call at the Market, if we can get at at least $0.03 for it.

However, if the WLT JULY 6 Call BUY STOP PRICE is not triggered we will continue to hold the position.