I laid out some new rules last week on how we were going to exit plays. The market spike followed by Monday's decline gave us the opportunity to test this theory.

The game plan on busted plays is to leave the long side of the play open. If the play reversed direction on us then hopefully that new directional trend will continue for a few days.

The Greenbrier put spread play looked good on Thursday morning but Murphy is alive and well. On Thursday afternoon, Friday and again on Monday the stock imploded to lose almost $9 on no news. Somebody is selling GBX and doing it in volume but there are no headlines to explain the move.

We were stopped out of the short put side for a 67 cent loss but the long put side has improved from .23 cents to $1.40 for a gain of $1.17. This is how it is supposed to work. On busted plays we want the reverse move to continue so the long side offsets the losses on the short side.

While it will not happen on every play it will happen from time to time and this will offset the small losses we take over time.

I am going to add another May play today with a bearish perspective. Apple reported earnings after the bell and easily beat but it only gained just over $1 in afterhours and the futures went negative shortly thereafter. We could be headed for some more negativity ahead of the FOMC meeting on Wednesday.

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Check the graphic above for new stop losses in bright yellow. We need to always be prepared for an unexpected decline.

GBX - Greenbrier

Greenbrier fell off a cliff on Thursday afternoon and was still falling on Monday. We were stopped out of the short side for a 67 cent loss. However, the long put is doing exactly what we hoped and has erased our overall loss.

I am putting a stop loss on the put to prevent giving back our gains.

Short May $60 put, entry .73, exit $1.40, -.67 loss
Long May $55 put, entry .23, currently $1.40, +1.17 gain
Add stop loss to the long put of $58.45

GDX - Gold Miners ETF (Bear Call Spread)

The sharp drop in the dollar caused a $30 spike in gold prices and a corresponding spike in the Gold Mining ETF. This stopped us out of the short side with a 23 cent loss. The long side with the $23 call is still open but it is too far away to do us much good unless the dollar breaks support. With the FOMC meeting on Wednesday that is not likely.

Closed Short May $20.50 call, entry .25, exit .48, -.23 loss.
Retain the long May $23 call, entry .04, currently .02.

New Recommendations

BBBY - Bed Bath & Beyond (Bear Call Spread)

Retailers are losing altitude as jobless claims rise, economic numbers weaken, retail sales are weak and wages are slipping. Gasoline prices are rising again and that temporary windfall for consumers is starting to erode. There has not been any specific news on BBBY but on April 9th the company reported earnings that only met expectations. Bank of America reiterated its underperform rating saying share buybacks were the only reason the company met earnings. In the future the cash drain was not going to be able to keep up the same pace of buybacks and earnings would suffer. Free cash flow had unexpectedly declined and the analyst was bearish on the stock. After declining more than 5% on the news the stock has continued to slide lower and closed at a six month low on Monday. There is no excitement in the investing public over BBBY.

Earnings June 24th.

Sell short May $75 call, currently $1.95, stop loss $72.85
Buy long May $80 call, currently .50, no stop loss.
Net credit $1.45.

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$OVX - Oil Volatility Index (Bear Call Spread)

RCL - Royal Caribbean (Bear Call Spread)

GDX - Gold Miner ETF (Bear Call Spread)

JKS - JinkoSolar (Bull Put Spread)

GBX - Greenbrier (Bull Put Spread)

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