The June Monthly Cash Machine had a large calender of positions, including several iron condor positions.

Even with the close out of SUN and STOP out of AMGN, we had a decent month.

The Equity portion of the MCM Jun 2009 portfolio finished with a profit of $1780.

Our DJX Jun 2009 position(s) finished with a $750 gain.

This extends our DJX position to its 16th consecutive month without a loss.( including one month where we did not put on a DJX position.


This created a total $2,530 Gain for the month of June.

The official final results are posted below and again in the PORTFOLIO SECTION and will remain there until Sunday, where it will be replaced by the July Portfolio.

We will be adding several more plays this weekend for the July Series, including a new MAY DJX position as well.

FINAL MCM June Open and closed positions 6-19-09

MCM July 2009 Watch list will begin this tonight or tomorrow and additional MCM July positions will be added this weekend.