1:53:35 PM EDT | 12/31/2009
Markets Poised to Close 2009 on a (small) Down Note
By James Brown | Stocks look set to end 2009 on a down note although losses in the NASDAQ and Russell 2000 are mild today. The Dow Industrials is the worst performer among the big indices. Take your pick on why stocks are down. It could be last minute profit taking, worries that the economy is improving too fast and the Fed will be forced to raise rates, or the surprising news that the Institute for Supply Management has already revised the Chicago PMI data lower and the report just came out yesterday!

1:57:03 PM EDT | 12/30/2009
Stocks Retreat Into Yearend
By James Brown | Stocks are seeing a little profit taking but for the most part the market continues to churn sideways as we approach the end of 2009. Investors ignored better than expected Chicago ISM numbers. The Treasury auctioned off another $32 billion in seven-year notes. An early bounce in the dollar put pressure on metals. Yet oil was up in spite of bearish oil inventory data. Meanwhile parts of Times Square were shut down and...

2:47:57 PM EDT | 12/29/2009
Stocks Meander Sideways
By James Brown | The U.S. stock market is quietly drifting sideways since no one wants to rock the boat before the year ends. A bounce in the dollar is putting pressure on commodities although copper hit new highs overnight. Crude oil is nearly unchanged on the session near $78.80 a barrel while gold futures are down more than $8 to $1,099 an ounce.

2:10:12 PM EDT | 12/28/2009
Stock Market Loses Some Steam
By James Brown | Stronger retail sales helped send the market higher this morning but the early strength has faded. It's turning into a quiet session. The major market averages are up but they are trading sideways in a narrow range. Several sectors are seeing profit taking. A weaker dollar is fueling another bounce in commodities. Crude oil is up 1% to $78.87 a barrel. Gold futures are up almost $4 to $1,108 an ounce...

12:16:04 PM EDT | 12/24/2009
Santa Claus Rally On Wall Street
By James Brown | All of the major U.S. indices are up and hitting new 2009 highs as the Christmas rally continues to sweep across the market. Investors were digesting durable goods orders, lower jobless claims and the first Senate Christmas Eve vote in 114 years. The U.S. dollar retreated giving commodities a push. Crude oil is up above $77 a barrel while gold futures are trading back above $1,100 an ounce.

1:05:23 PM EDT | 12/23/2009
NASDAQ & Russell 2000 Hit New 2009 Highs
By James Brown | New home sales figures were a big disappointment this morning but stocks are off their worst levels of the session. The NASDAQ is extending its gains and hitting new 2009 highs. The S&P 500 is flirting with a new high. The most bullish development today is the small cap Russell 2000 index breaking out past resistance and hitting new 2009 highs...

1:46:37 PM EDT | 12/22/2009
Christmas Rally Continues
By James Brown | Stocks are in rally mode this Christmas week. No one wants to sell so it's putting a floor under prices. Investors shrugged off a disappointing GDP number and applauded stronger home sales. Technology stocks are leading the way with the NASDAQ Composite soaring to new 52-week highs. The U.S. dollar is bouncing...

1:39:28 PM EDT | 12/21/2009
NASDAQ Jumps, M&A News Powers the Bulls
By James Brown | Has the Christmas rally begun? The NASDAQ composite is breaking out to new 2009 highs and the Dow Industrials are up triple digits after two components (AA and INTC) were upgraded this morning. It was merger and acquisition news that really set the tone. SNY is buying CHTT and BUCY is buying the mining division from TEX. Overall the...

2:19:30 PM EDT | 12/18/2009
December Option Expiration Friday Has Been Quiet
By James Brown | Today has been a relatively mild session for stocks. There was some early excitement in oil on news that Iranian soldiers had seized an Iraqi oil field. That sent money flowing into safety trades like the U.S. dollar and U.S. bonds but the early strength in both has started to reverse. The NASDAQ is out performing thanks to big gains for ORCL and RIMM after both companies reported stronger earnings results last night.

2:15:36 PM EDT | 12/17/2009
Bernanke, Dollar, FDX Roil the Market
By James Brown | Stocks are down as investors react to a rise in jobless claims, a battle over Ben Bernanke's confirmation, and an earnings warning from FedEx (FDX). In Europe concerns are still running high over Greece's credit rating. Money is flowing into save havens like U.S. bonds and the dollar. The dollar's strength, thanks to a weak euro, is pushing commodities lower. Crude oil is off 1.1% near $71.81 a barrel. Gold futures are down almost $28 to $1,108 an ounce...

1:55:28 PM EDT | 12/16/2009
Rally Stalls As Traders Wait for Fed
By James Brown | Stocks are up on the session and the NASDAQ composite managed to tag a new 2009 high but markets are off their best levels of the day as investors wait for the FOMC decision. A decline in the U.S. dollar is fueling a bounce in commodities with crude oil up two days in a row (+3.1% today) and gold futures up $13 to $1,136.00 an ounce.

2:13:29 PM EDT | 12/15/2009
Lots of Headlines, Not a lot of Movement
By James Brown | Once again stocks have stalled at the top of their trading range. Investors are reacting to a mix of economic data. The NY Empire State economic index came in much worse than expected. Wholesale inflation numbers were higher. BBY's earnings were strong. WFC has announced it will pay back the TARP funds. All together there are lots of headlines but not a lot of movement in the market...

3:04:24 PM EDT | 12/14/2009
Dubai Bailout, Citigroup Replays TARP, XOM buys XTO
By James Brown | Markets are up across the globe on a parade of good news. A $10 billion bailout for Dubai really ignited the rebound on Monday. News that Citigroup is paying back the TARP only added to the bounce in banks. Plus, some major M&A news in the energy sector has traders wondering who's next to be acquired. Yet in spite of all the bullish headlines the major indices can't seem to breakout through the top of their trading range...

2:40:39 PM EDT | 12/11/2009
Retail Sales & Consumer Sentiment Improve
By James Brown | The stock market is bouncing from their midday lows. The overall tone is bullish thanks to better than expected retail sales figures and improving consumer sentiment. Positive economic data out of China also helped buoy some commodity stocks. At the same time a rise in the U.S. dollar is pushing the actual commodities lower with both oil and gold in the red today...

2:06:10 PM EDT | 12/10/2009
Major Indices Rally But Small Caps Struggle To Keep Pace
By James Brown | Stocks rallied this morning in spite of a bounce in the U.S. dollar. Investors cheered a stronger export number and smaller deficit figures for October. The market managed to shrug off a slightly disappointing weekly initial jobless claims number that came in higher than expected at 474,000. RealtyTrac also offered some positive data on the foreclosure front. Foreclosures fell 8% in November but they remain extremely elevated at more than 300,000 new foreclosure filings for the month...

2:07:40 PM EDT | 12/9/2009
Stocks Rollover Midday
By James Brown | Stocks rebounded from their morning lows but bulls have run out of gas and the market is back at its lows for the session. News that Standard & Poor's had cut their outlook on the country of Spain to negative helped set a cautious tone. Earlier the dollar was edging lower and normally a weaker dollar is bullish for commodities but not today. Both oil and gold are down on the session.

2:36:23 PM EDT | 12/8/2009
Stocks Decline Across the Globe
By James Brown | Stocks are retreating around the globe on lackluster economic data in Europe and disappointing corporate news here in the U.S. Another bounce in the U.S. dollar continues to fuel a sell-off in commodities. Crude oil is down for the fifth day in a row with a 1.2% drop and a move under $73.00 a barrel. Gold is also plunging again for its third decline in a row with a $21 drop to $1,143 an ounce...

1:23:17 PM EDT | 12/7/2009
The Market Drifts Aimlessly
By James Brown | Monday is shaping up to be a very quiet day on Wall Street. The major indices are drifting sideways in a very narrow range as investors search for a new catalyst. There was hope that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke might share something new while he spoke to the Economic Club of Washington. The early morning strength in the U.S. dollar is fading and has now turned negative...

2:09:03 PM EDT | 12/4/2009
Stocks Turn Volatile on Stronger Jobs Report
By James Brown | The market has been waiting desperately for the jobs report and this morning's data was much better than expected. It was almost too strong! Economists were looking for a loss of 125,000 jobs in November. The Labor Department announced a loss of 11,000. This report was so strong it sparked new concerns that the Federal Reserve would be forced to raise rates a lot sooner than expected...

2:14:20 PM EDT | 12/3/2009
Stocks Wait for Jobs Report
By James Brown | The major stock market averages are flirting with positive territory but the trend is sideways as investors wait for tomorrow's jobs report. Economists are expecting Friday's jobs number to come in at -130,000 for November compared to -190,000 in October. A few optimistic analysts out there are hoping for a number under -100,000. While we wait for tomorrow's report there were a lot of news stories out today with the ISM Services number, productivity, November same-store sales, weekly jobless claims, and last night's announcement from Bank of America...

1:48:17 PM EDT | 12/2/2009
Stocks Hover Near Highs on ADP Data
By James Brown | Wednesday is shaping up to be a relatively quiet session for the market. Stocks initially traded higher and the S&P 500 hit a new 2009 high intraday. Investors seem to be waiting for Friday's non-farm payrolls report after seeing today's ADP number come in slightly worse than expected. A bounce in the dollar is not having much affect on the metals while oil is down on a jump in its weekly inventory number...

1:52:29 PM EDT | 12/1/2009
Stocks Rally Into December. Commodities Up on Dollar Weakness.
By James Brown | The S&P 500 and the Dow Industrials have risen toward their 2009 highs following a worldwide rally in stocks. The falling dollar rising commodity trade is back and gold futures hit new all-time highs near $1,200 an ounce. Concerns are cooling fast on last week's Dubai World news, which fueled big gains overseas. Positive economic data here in the U.S. is adding to the bullish tone...

1:42:59 PM EDT | 11/30/2009
Cyber Monday Blues
By James Brown | The stock market's early bounce is fading but thus far the selling pressure has been mild. Investors are still nervous about the risk of Dubai defaulting on its debt but most tend to think the larger, richer nations in the U.A.E. will help bail out the struggling emirate. A bigger concern right now is a potential disappointment in consumer spending over the Black Friday weekend...

1:02:05 PM EDT | 11/27/2009
Stocks Gap Down on Dubai News
By James Brown | The markets plunged lower Friday morning as investors reacted to news that Dubai World has asked debtors to wait six months on debt payments while the company restructures. The major indices gapped open lower with the Dow Industrials off more than 200 points but stocks have been bouncing off their lows the entire day. Unfortunately this is a low-volume post-holiday session and the U.S. markets are set to close early within the hour. Monday will be the real test when fund managers return to work. Do they buy this dip or sell the breakdown?

1:53:10 PM EDT | 11/25/2009
Stocks Drift Higher on Positive Data
By James Brown | Stocks were bouncing higher around the globe on Wednesday. The small parade of economic data out this morning was generally positive. Stronger than expected consumer spending, consumer sentiment, new home sales, and a drop in initial jobless claims all contributed to the bullish tone on Wall Street. A new relative low in the dollar is boosting commodities. Gold futures have hit a new all-time high near $1,190 an ounce...

1:54:48 PM EDT | 11/24/2009
Stocks Slip on GDP Revision
By James Brown | Profit taking on Tuesday was a worldwide event. News that the U.S. GDP revision was worse than expected undermined the markets. The Conference Board's reading on consumer confidence came in slightly above expectations. Lack of follow through on yesterday's stock market rally certainly didn't inspire any investor confidence. Meanwhile a bounce in the U.S. dollar is pulling commodities lower...

1:19:30 PM EDT | 11/23/2009
Stocks Surge on Dollar Weakness and Housing Strength
By James Brown | The recent trend of strong Monday rallies continues. Today's stampede higher is fueled by another decline in the dollar and some unexpected strength in existing home sales. The dollar weakness is fueling some strong gains in commodities. Gold futures hit a new all-time high at $1,174.00 an ounce this morning...

1:46:25 PM EDT | 11/20/2009
Dollar Strength Continues to Weigh On Stocks
By James Brown | Global markets were once again dripping in red ink. The dollar's strength pushed commodity-related stocks lower even though oil is only down about 0.5% and gold has managed to post a small gain today. Disappointing earnings reports from Dell and homebuilder D.R. Horton also weighed on sentiment. Plus, sobering comments from ECB President Trichet helped push stocks lower...

2:09:07 PM EDT | 11/19/2009
Stocks Accelerate Lower as the Dollar Bounces
By James Brown | Global markets pulled back sharply on Thursday. Commodity names suffered the most thanks to a bounce in the U.S. dollar. Crude oil was off more than 2.4%, which pushed the energy sector to similar declines. Gold is managing to ignore any dollar strength today but the mining stocks are lower. Semiconductor stocks were some of the worst performers...

2:10:05 PM EDT | 11/18/2009
Housing Starts Tumble, CPI Inches Higher
By James Brown | Stocks are slowly drifting lower as investors digest mixed economic data this morning. The CPI came in a little bit higher than expected while new housing starts and building permits plunged in October. A decline in the U.S. dollar is fueling a little strength in some of the commodities but commodity-related stocks are not seeing any follow through higher. Crude oil is relatively flat around $79 a barrel. Gold futures hit a new all-time high at $1,151 an ounce this morning but have since pared their gains.

2:10:52 PM EDT | 11/17/2009
Market Rally Pauses on Dollar Bounce
By James Brown | Global markets were in party mode yesterday but the rally has paused thanks to a bounce in the U.S. dollar. Commodity and resource-related stocks were the worst performers even though commodity futures aren't moving that much. Oil is up less than 0.5% around $79.30 a barrel. Gold futures are off less than $2.00 at $1,137.40 an ounce

2:59:34 PM EDT | 11/16/2009
Stocks Advance Across the Globe, S&P 500 above 1,100
By James Brown | Stocks are in breakout mode with a worldwide rally on Monday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 are hitting new 2009 highs on improving retail sales numbers and a falling dollar. Investors ignored comments from Ben Bernanke this morning about the need for a stronger dollar. The currency continues to slide lower and that's fueling a rally in commodities...

1:52:55 PM EDT | 11/13/2009
Stocks Bounce But Remain Under Resistance
By James Brown | The U.S. stock market continues to rise with major indices nearing recent resistance. Investors are ignoring worse than expected trade deficit numbers and consumer sentiment data. Instead bulls are celebrating better than expected earnings news. Meanwhile a drop in the U.S. dollar is boosting commodities...

2:12:49 PM EDT | 11/12/2009
Rally Looks Tired As S&P 500 Battles the 1100 Level
By James Brown | Stocks were generally flat to down on Thursday as investors sift through a flood of news. Last night's merger news between Hewlett-Packard and 3Coms sparked some enthusiasm for technology. Wal-Mart reported earnings this morning. The bond market held a $16 billion auction of 30-year notes. Weekly jobless numbers came in at 502,000 compared to an upwardly revised 514,000 the week before. The U.S. dollar is bouncing again...

2:21:23 PM EDT | 11/11/2009
S&P 500 Hits New Intraday Highs
By James Brown | The S&P 500 index spiked to a new 2009 high over the 1,100 level but the market was unable to hold its highs. Overall stocks are enjoying another widespread rally. Comments from a few Federal Reserve officials about keeping interest rates low helped push the U.S. dollar to a new 15-month low.

1:59:01 PM EDT | 11/10/2009
Bulls Pause to Catch Their Breath
By James Brown | The rally in stocks stalled after the S&P 500 index managed a six-day streak of gains. The index almost hit resistance at the 1,100 level this morning. Overall profit taking has been rather mild. It seems that buyers have stopped to catch their breath and not so much a rise in selling pressure. A minor bounce in the U.S. dollar off 15-month lows is fueling a little bit of a pull back in commodities.

2:17:02 PM EDT | 11/9/2009
Stocks Scream Higher on Dollar's Plunge
By James Brown | Monday was a relatively slow news day but that didn't stop the bulls from running the table. Markets were higher around the world as investors reacted to positive comments from the G20 on Saturday. The Group of 20's finance ministers said they would keep their stimulus programs active and keep interest rates low until the recovery was firmly in place....

2:27:01 PM EDT | 11/6/2009
Unemployment Hits 10.2%, Gold Hits $1,100 an Ounce.
By James Brown | The stock market stumbled around this morning as investors digested the October non-farm payrolls jobs report. The official unemployment rate rose to 10.2%, which is the highest level since 1983. The government also said that inventory levels continue to fall. President Obama signed a new $24 billion stimulus bill that extends the new homebuyer tax credit and extends unemployment benefits again. Commodities were mixed...

1:28:22 PM EDT | 11/5/2009
Post-FOMC Selloff Reverses
By Keene Little | Traders had some second thoughts about yesterday's post-FOMC selloff and apparently thought better of it all, resulting in a nice rally today. Wednesday's highs have been exceeded although as of noon we've got a little bit of a mixed picture.

1:58:11 PM EDT | 11/4/2009
Stocks Gain on Worldwide Rebound
By James Brown | Markets across the world were bouncing higher on Wednesday. Economic data released today was better but not quite as good as expected. Investors are waiting for the Federal Reserve's decision on interest rates due out around 2:15 p.m. this afternoon.

2:33:58 PM EDT | 11/3/2009
Buffett Buys BNI, Factory Orders Inch Higher
By James Brown | The stock market churns sideways as traders remain indecisive. Positive economic data combined with merger and acquisition news was not enough to shake off a Morgan Stanley's downgrade of the semiconductor sector and a generally sour mood for the financials...

1:15:45 PM EDT | 11/2/2009
Manufacturing ISM Stronger But Early Market Gains Are Fading
By James Brown | The stock market rallied on stronger economic data this morning. Positive readings in the ISM manufacturing index, pending home sales and construction spending all helped alleviate some fears that the economic recovery may be unsustainable. Unfortunately the positive mood is fading as stocks erase early gains...

2:29:44 PM EDT | 10/30/2009
Markets Spooked by Consumer Sentiment & Spending
By James Brown | The stock market's GDP-inspired rally met with a ghoulish demise. Traders were scared by negative economic data centered on the consumer. October is the yearend for many funds that could be trying to lock in gains after two strong quarters. The U.S. dollar has reversed again and today's rally in the currency is putting pressure on commodities...

3:02:23 PM EDT | 10/29/2009
GDP Jumps, U.S. Recession (Unofficially) Over
By James Brown | The preliminary look at third-quarter U.S. GDP came in better than expected. The news sent the dollar and bond market lower while fueling gains for stocks and commodities. Crude oil is up 3.5% and back above $80.00 a barrel. Gold futures have risen $17 to $1,047.50 an ounce. The stock market was short-term oversold and this news has produced a very widespread bounce...

12:22:01 PM EDT | 10/28/2009
Down Day for Stocks Across the Globe
By James Brown | A worse than expected report on new home sales fueled fears that the economic recovery may not be as robust as investors have hoped. Stock markets around the world were sinking. Major indices in the U.S. like the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ composite were flirting with a breakdown under technical support at their 50-day moving average...

2:39:12 PM EDT | 10/27/2009
Consumer Confidence Crumbles, Home Values Inch Higher
By James Brown | Stocks lost their footing again as investors sold the morning bounce. Traders were digesting some mixed economic news. Consumer confidence suffered while home values appear to be improving. The DJIA is out performing its peers thanks in part to IBM, who raised their stock buy back program. Meanwhile the U.S. dollar is rebounding for the third day in a row...

1:57:00 PM EDT | 10/26/2009
Dollar's Rise Fuels Market Weakness
By James Brown | The stock market is producing some excitement in spite it being a relatively quiet news day. The early morning rally has reversed into negative territory and many are blaming in on a rise in the U.S. dollar. The dollar's rise has certainly sparked some profit taking in the commodity sector. Meanwhile concerns over Bank of America is dragging financials lower...

2:48:14 PM EDT | 10/23/2009
End of Week Profit Taking. Better Earnings Are Not Enough.
By James Brown | A big jump in home sales and much better than expected earnings from Amazon.com, Broadcom, and Microsoft were not enough to push the market higher. Negative comments out of the railroad sector rekindled worries about the pace of the economic recovery. Meanwhile Britain's GDP shocked economists when it failed to turn positive in the third quarter.

2:42:38 PM EDT | 10/22/2009
Still Buying The Dip
By James Brown | Traders are still buying the dip with the fiscal yearend for many funds quickly approaching on October 30th. There was some follow through this morning from Wednesday's sharp, afternoon sell-off but the markets are bouncing off their lows of the day. The major U.S. averages are back in positive territory thanks to another round of positive earnings announcements...

2:09:11 PM EDT | 10/21/2009
A Parade of Positive Earnings Fuels New Intraday Highs
By James Brown | Stocks are back in rally mode after a wave of positive earnings news from the technology and banking sectors. A bearish reversal in the U.S. dollar has pushed the currency to new lows for the year. This dollar weakness is fueling big gains for oil and that's translating into bigger gains for energy stocks...

2:38:29 PM EDT | 10/20/2009
Housing Permits Fall, PPI Declines, Stocks Stall.
By James Brown | Housing permit data disappoints the street renewing concerns that the lagging real estate market will weigh on the economy. Inflation is still hiding as the PPI data falls more than expected...

3:01:40 PM EDT | 10/19/2009
S&P 500 Tags the 1,100 mark, Stocks in Breakout Mode
By James Brown | Investors are feeling fearless on the 22nd anniversary of the "Black Monday" stock market crash of October 1987. Positive earnings results have continued to set a bullish tone and markets are in breakout mode across the globe...

1:46:02 PM EDT | 10/16/2009
BAC & GE Spark Sell-off, Yet Markets Are Paring Losses
By James Brown | The stock market has finally hit some profit taking after an almost non-stop two-week rally. Disappointing earnings results from Bank of America (BAC) and General Electric (GE) overshadowed positive reports from Google (GOOG) and IBM last night. Worse than expected consumer sentiment data also throws some cold water on the rally...

2:19:52 PM EDT | 10/15/2009
Citigroup & Goldman Sachs Beat Estimates, Traders Sell the News
By James Brown | The stock market is suffering a mild hangover after yesterday's rally. Yet it looks like the bulls might be able to shrug it off and actually push stocks back into positive territory before the closing bell. Economic data out this morning was positive but investor focus remains on earnings results. After JPM's stellar report yesterday the results from Citigroup and Goldman Sachs didn't quite match up and traders sold the news...

2:03:27 PM EDT | 10/14/2009
Intel and JP Morgan Power the Market Higher
By Keene Little | The market got a big start to the day thanks to INTC's earnings report last night and JP Morgan's pre-market earnings report. Both were deemed very good and that's all the shorts needed to abandon ship, which they did with abandon.

2:17:39 PM EDT | 10/13/2009
Rally Stalls Under Resistance As Investors Await Earnings
By James Brown | Investors were disappointed with the earnings report from Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) this morning but the market has recovered from its lows of the session. Some M&A news in the tech sector has buoyed the NASDAQ. The banks are struggling a bit after a high-profile downgrade. Gold futures are hitting new all-time highs as the dollar hits new 14-month lows...

2:38:07 PM EDT | 10/12/2009
Stocks Higher As Investors Look Ahead to Earnings
By James Brown | The stock market continues to climb in what is shaping up to be a quiet Monday session. The bond market is closed for Columbus Day and trading volumes are light for the stock market. The bulls don't seem to care. The S&P 500 is testing its 2009 highs near 1,080. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is hitting new 52-week highs above the 9,900 level...

1:52:13 PM EDT | 10/9/2009
Stocks Rally for Fifth Day
By James Brown | The stock market is poised to end the week on a positive note but momentum is starting to fade a little. Investors were cautious after some comments from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke made last night. A bounce in the dollar has sparked some profit taking in commodities, which have been market leaders most of the week...

2:30:13 PM EDT | 10/8/2009
Alcoa, Retail Sales, & Jobless Numbers Fuel the Rally
By James Brown | The stock market continues to rally producing one of its best weekly gains in months. Better than expected earnings from Dow-component Alcoa (AA) last night helped set the positive tone. Retail sales came in better than expected. The initial jobless claims improved. The U.S. dollar is slipping lower again, which is keeping the rally alive in commodities...

1:10:27 PM EDT | 10/7/2009
A Quiet Session as Investors Look to Earnings
By James Brown | Wednesday's session has been a relatively quiet news day. Stocks saw some profit taking after the two-day bounce but even now traders are buying the dip and stocks are recovering from their lows. The tone of the market seems to be one of waiting for earnings season. Dow-component Alcoa (AA) is due to kick off earnings season tonight after the closing bell...

11:39:24 AM EDT | 10/6/2009
Dollar Dives Sending Stocks Higher
By James Brown | The market's widespread bounce from Monday continues. At the moment there is not one sector index in negative territory. The lead story is the drop in the U.S. dollar and news that secret meetings were held to stop trading oil in dollars. This is fueling a big rally in commodities. Gold futures have soared to new all-time highs...

1:55:33 PM EDT | 10/5/2009
ISM Services Index Improves, Stocks Rebound
By James Brown | Stocks are poised to end a four-day decline with an oversold bounce from two-week lows on Monday. Better than expected ISM Services data and an upgrade for the big banks from Goldman Sachs helped fuel the rise. A drop in the dollar is fueling a widespread rally for commodities...

1:58:43 PM EDT | 10/2/2009
Minus 263,000 Jobs, Yet Stocks Rebound Off Their Lows
By James Brown | Worse than expected results in the non-farm payrolls report capped a week of disappointing economic data. Factory orders reversed back into negative territory. In spite of the negative news stocks are off their worst levels of the session as traders buy the pull back...

1:52:24 PM EDT | 10/1/2009
Data Disappoints Again, Fourth Quarter Opens Down
By James Brown | Stock markets were in widespread decline around the world offering a sour start to the fourth quarter. Disappointing economic data continues to dominate the headlines with the ISM data overshadowing improvements in consumer spending and pending home sales....

1:45:17 PM EDT | 9/30/2009
Chicago PMI Disappoints Yet Stocks Recover
By James Brown | Stocks produced a bumpy ride to close out the third quarter of 2009. Investors reacted to a parade of economic data. A positive revision for the final Q2 GDP numbers was overshadowed by an unexpected decline in the Chicago PMI and the ADP employment report. Commodities are bouncing as the dollar's bounce rolls over. The S&P 500 index is on track to end the third quarter with a 15% gain...

1:58:54 PM EDT | 9/29/2009
Consumer Confidence Slips But Stocks Recover
By James Brown | A disappointing consumer confidence number sent stocks tumbling lower but the markets are recovering. The Case-Shiller home values data came in better than expected. Commodities are mixed as the U.S. dollar continues to bounce. Overall the trend is still up as we near the end of September and money managers finish some last minute window dressing...

2:14:44 PM EDT | 9/28/2009
M&A News Fuels Widespread Rebound
By James Brown | Stocks surged with a widespread bounce on Monday thanks to a rash of merger and acquisition news. A few high-profile upgrades were contributing to the bullish tone. The market strength could also be part of some last minute end of quarter window dressing by fund managers...

2:29:45 PM EDT | 9/25/2009
Durable Goods, New Homes Sales & Iran
By James Brown | Disappointing durable goods orders and lackluster new home sales figures added further fuel to the market's sell-off. News that Iran has been building a secret nuclear fuel plant only fanned the flames for traders to take profits ahead of the weekend. Last night's negative earnings report from Research In Motion (RIMM) produced a 17% plunge in the stock, which weighed heavily on the tech sector and investor sentiment...

2:17:04 PM EDT | 9/24/2009
Existing Home Sales Stumble, Stocks Sink
By James Brown | Stocks slide for the second day in a row. The media is pointing fingers at a lousy read on existing home sales data but it could just be an excuse to take profits in an overbought market. Weekly jobless claims improved. The G20 economic summit began in Pittsburgh today. Meanwhile the U.S. dollar is bouncing...

2:20:39 PM EDT | 9/23/2009
Fed Keeps Rates Unchanged, Stocks Edge Higher
By James Brown | Stock market bulls were pressing their advantage as the investors wait for the FOMC decision due out around 2:15 p.m. this afternoon. Elsewhere the Treasury department held a record-setting $40 billion auction for five-year notes. The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) reported that applications were up...

2:21:22 PM EDT | 9/22/2009
Stocks Drift Higher
By James Brown | The market is trading higher again in what has turned out to be a generally widespread rally. Most of the major indices are nearing their recent September highs but the NASDAQ has managed to hit new highs for the year. Overall it's been another quiet news day. Investors are looking toward the end of the two-day FOMC meeting tomorrow and the beginning of the G20 economic summit on Thursday...

2:14:59 PM EDT | 9/21/2009
A Mild Monday As Stocks Slowly Slip
By James Brown | Stocks are mostly lower this Monday but investors were quick to buy this dip. The major indices have pared their losses and the NASDAQ is back in positive territory. Bullish economic data and DELL's M&A news helped set a more positive tone...

2:17:20 PM EDT | 9/18/2009
A Quiet Quadruple-Witching Friday
By James Brown | Friday has turned out to be another quiet news day. Traders are focused on option expiration. The major stock indices are posting gains but a few sectors are seeing some profit taking. Financials, oil, airlines, and mining stocks are some of the worst performers today but losses have been relatively mild...

2:34:24 PM EDT | 9/17/2009
Stocks Slip Despite Positive Economic Data
By James Brown | The market is seeing a mild pull back sparked by profit taking on earnings reports from Oracle (ORCL) and FedEx (FDX). The parade of positive economic data continues with the Philly Fed manufacturing index, housing starts, and jobless claims...

2:25:32 PM EDT | 9/16/2009
Markets Extend Their Gains, Dollar Falls, Commodities Rally
By James Brown | Another round of positive economic data out this morning helped fuel a widespread global rally. Enthusiasm for an end to the worst recession since the 1930s was led by the banking stocks. Another drop in the U.S. dollar pushed commodity and oil-related stocks higher. Crude oil is up over $1.00 and approaching $72 a barrel. Gold futures were up more than $13 and nearing $1,020 an ounce...

2:50:24 PM EDT | 9/15/2009
Recession Technically Over
By James Brown | According to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke the worst recession since the 1930s is technically over. The comment came from the Q&A session after Bernanke spoke at the Brookings Institute. Bernanke went on to say that while the U.S. economy would probably show growth this quarter it won't feel like the recession is over because unemployment will remain high and will probably...

2:24:19 PM EDT | 9/14/2009
Stocks Rebound From Morning Lows, Obama Speaks to Wall Street
By James Brown | Monday is turning out to be a rather lackluster session. Traders are still buying the dips and the major averages have erased most of their morning losses. Making headlines today is Obama's speech to Wall Street and a brewing trade disagreement between the U.S. and China over tires. Meanwhile the U.S. dollar is bouncing from one-year lows, which is putting pressure on commodities...

1:58:44 PM EDT | 9/11/2009
Consumer Confidence Improves Yet Bulls Out of Breath
By James Brown | The bulls appear to be out of breath after a five-day winning streak but stocks are starting to rebound off the intraday lows. Buyers might still be able to lift markets to six in a row. There was plenty of positive news today. U.S. consumer confidence came in better than expected. China released positive economic data. FedEx (FDX) raised their earnings guidance...

1:53:45 PM EDT | 9/10/2009
Stocks March Toward New 2009 Highs
By James Brown | The stock market continues to tread higher with the S&P 500 inching closer to potential resistance at its August highs. Currently the S&P 500 is poised to mark its fifth gain in a row, a feat not seen since November 2008. A little improvement in the weekly jobless claims and some positive comments from Proctor & Gamble (PG) helped set the mood this morning. The Treasury Department is poised to auction another $12 billion in 30-year notes this afternoon

1:12:49 PM EDT | 9/9/2009
Stocks Up, Nearing Their August Highs
By James Brown | The path of least resistance is up. Stocks were climbing even as investors remained somewhat cautious waiting for the Federal Reserve's Beige book report due out this afternoon. Investors were also looking for any news out of the OPEC meeting and the AAPL event today...

2:15:11 PM EDT | 9/8/2009
Stocks Trim Early Gains
By James Brown | The stock market's morning strength is fading lower into the afternoon. Overall global markets were up. More M&A news is fueling some investor confidence. The market digested another 3-year auction by the Treasury Department with a strong bid-to-cover ratio. Commodities have been stronger thanks to a weaker dollar...

2:19:47 PM EDT | 9/4/2009
Job Losses Decline But Unemployment at 9.7%
By James Brown | The big event today was the Labor Department's non-farm payrolls report. Outside of the jobs number it is turning into a quiet summer Friday as people head out early for the long holiday weekend. World markets were mostly higher. The U.S. market is seeing a widespread bounce.

1:40:41 PM EDT | 9/3/2009
Stocks Slide Sideways Ahead of Jobs Report
By James Brown | The U.S. stock market is seeing a small bounce after a four-day losing streak. Trading remained subdued with stocks churning in a relatively tight range as investors wait for Friday morning's non-farm payroll (jobs) report. This morning the ISM services data was slightly better than expected. The market is also digesting the release of the FOMC minutes, the weekly initial jobless claims...

1:45:08 PM EDT | 9/2/2009
Markets Flirt With Unchanged, ADP Slightly Under Expectations.
By James Brown | The U.S. stock market is flirting with unchanged following yesterday's sell-off. The private-sector ADP report on employment came in worse than expected. While the productivity numbers were higher than estimated. Both reports suggest the jobs number on Friday might be worse than the markets hope for...

1:28:39 PM EDT | 9/1/2009
Profit Taking Accelerates!
By James Brown | The market sell-off is accelerating. Stocks are down for the third day in a row. The S&P 500 index is testing round-number support at the 1,000 mark. Pending home sales and the ISM data came in better than expected but it appears the news was already baked in or we're just seeing a "sell the news" reaction as nervous investors peer into September.

1:37:49 PM EDT | 8/31/2009
China's New Bear Market + Merger Monday
By James Brown | Global markets stumbled through the last day of August. The Chinese market actually took a nosedive falling almost 7%. Normally bullish merger and acquisition activity here in the U.S. was not enough to shake off the worldwide profit taking. Positive economic data out of the Chicago area was overlooked in favor of...

1:39:59 PM EDT | 8/28/2009
DELL & Intel Soar, Consumer Confidence Ho-hum
By James Brown | Stocks are down as we approach the end of August. A better than expected earnings report from Dell (DELL) and a positive surprise from Intel (INTC) were not enough to shake off a mediocre consumer confidence number. Meanwhile consumer spending was in line with estimates. The Dow Industrials are on track to end an eight-day winning streak...

1:37:58 PM EDT | 8/27/2009
Stocks Bounce Back From Morning Losses
By James Brown | U.S. stocks are clawing their way back from an early morning swoon and the major indices are close to unchanged levels. Investors were digesting a second look at U.S. second-quarter GDP and the weekly jobless numbers. Volume continues to be light as we wrap up the last few dog days of summer. The bond market had their eyes on the $28 billion Treasury auction of 7-year notes...

1:38:47 PM EDT | 8/26/2009
Stronger New Homes Sales and Durable Goods, Yet Stocks Slip
By James Brown | Wednesday delivered another round of positive economic news and yet the bulls aren't buying it. Is the rally finally running out of gas? Stronger than expected new home sales and rising durable goods orders should have helped push stocks higher. Several market pundits are very surprised that stocks aren't a lot stronger today and find...

2:30:58 PM EDT | 8/25/2009
Better than Expected Consumer Confidence!
By James Brown | The stock market's gains are fading after a rocky session in spite of generally bullish economic data this morning. The S&P 500 managed to hit a new relative high at 1,037 but traders appear to be taking profits. A few market pundits feel that stocks should have performed better today given the big improvement in the consumer confidence numbers and...

12:23:42 PM EDT | 8/24/2009
Another Up Day for Global Markets
By James Brown | The stock market has begun the last full week of August on a positive note. Economic data continues to improve giving traders no reason so sell yet. Major indices in the U.S. and Europe are trading at ten-month highs. Rising expectations for the economic recovery are driving...

2:39:42 PM EDT | 8/21/2009
Bernanke Talks Growth, Home Sales Surge
By James Brown | The U.S. market is hitting new ten-month highs thanks to positive comments from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. A much better than expected existing home sales report certainly didn't hurt either. The U.S. dollar continues to sink and this time commodities are surging with oil rising toward $74.00 a barrel.

2:24:07 PM EDT | 8/20/2009
Strong Philly Fed and Bounce in China Fuel Market Gains
By James Brown | The bounce in stocks continues. The S&P 500 is back above the 1,000 level and the Dow Industrials are back above the 9,300 mark as investors ignore bad news and only focus on positive news. The economic data today was mixed. The big report was the Philly Fed economic report, which was better than expected...

2:16:04 PM EDT | 8/19/2009
Ignoring China, Traders Buy The Dip as Oil Surges
By James Brown | Traders continue to buy the dip in the U.S. markets. Stocks opened lower this morning but 10 minutes later bulls were back and pushing stocks higher. There are still worries about the sharp drop in the Chinese Shanghai market and the drop in oil inventories this morning also caught investors off guard.

2:25:39 PM EDT | 8/18/2009
Better Than Expected Earnings
By James Brown | Markets delivered a bounce on Tuesday following Monday's sharp decline. The rebound was worldwide. Investors digested a parade of better than expected retail sector earnings and a couple of economic reports on wholesale prices and the pace of construction.

1:50:18 PM EDT | 8/17/2009
Too Far Too Fast
By James Brown | Stock markets around the world are seeing investors take profits. The weakness began in Asia with many market watchers blaming the worse than expected U.S. consumer sentiment data from Friday as the catalyst for selling in Chinese stocks. Throw in some disappointing earnings data...

2:07:35 PM EDT | 8/14/2009
S&P 500 Back Under 1,000 As Consumer Sentiment Sinks
By James Brown | The stock market appears to be correcting a bit on worse than expected consumer sentiment numbers. Investors were also digesting the latest CPI data and industrial production report. The profit taking started overseas this morning. The U.S. dollar is bouncing, which is putting a little pressure on the commodity space. The worst performers today appear to be technology, cyclicals and oil services.

2:11:01 PM EDT | 8/13/2009
The Rally Stalls on Disappointing Data & Rising Foreclosures
By James Brown | Stocks are up but the rally isn't seeing much progress. Investors have a lot to digest today with a 30-year bond auction, a key earnings report, weekly jobless claims, record foreclosures, and more economic data. This morning traders were focused on Wal-Mart's earnings and the official retail sales numbers for July.

1:42:32 PM EDT | 8/12/2009
Bulls Charging Toward The Fed Decision
By James Brown | In an unusual move the stock market is up sharply ahead of an FOMC decision on interest rates. Normally stocks tend to trade sideways as investors await the Federal Reserve's decision and commentary on the economy. It's widely expected that Ben Bernanke and crew will leave rates unchanged so the focus will be on their outlook for the economy. What's really impressive is...

2:28:13 PM EDT | 8/11/2009
Lackluster Economic Data Hurries Market Decline
By James Brown | The stock market correction is starting to pick up a little speed. All of the major market averages are lower thanks to some disappointing economic data and a rash of analyst downgrades. Crude oil is also rolling over in spite of a drop in the U.S. dollar after OPEC lowered their demand forecast for oil by 1.6 million barrels per day.

2:16:51 PM EDT | 8/10/2009
Stocks Suffer a Mild Monday Morning Hangover
By James Brown | It's shaping up to be a relatively quiet day on Wall Street. Stocks are seeing a little profit taking after Friday's gains. There doesn't appear to be any new catalyst to drive stocks higher so investors may be content to wait for the end of the two-day FOMC meeting on Wednesday.

2:11:27 PM EDT | 8/7/2009
Jobs Number Better Than Expected, Stocks Soar
By James Brown | The S&P 500 is soaring to new highs for the year with a 2% rally following the better than expected jobs number. The index has now risen 50% off its March lows. The market is seeing a widespread rally with commodities the only laggards thanks to a super strong bounce in the dollar. The Dow Transportation index is hitting highs for the year and the small cap Russell 2000 index is...

2:23:13 PM EDT | 8/6/2009
Nervous Ahead of the Jobs Number
By James Brown | Stocks are drifting lower on Thursday as investors digest lackluster retail sales data and sour comments out of England and the Euro-zone's central banks. Investors are nervous ahead of tomorrow's non-farm payrolls report where economists expect the U.S. economy to have lost 320,000 jobs in July. Weakness in the euro and the pound is giving the dollar a bounce and that's weighing on commodities.

2:12:31 PM EDT | 8/5/2009
Disappointing Economic Data Sparks A Little Profit Taking
By James Brown | The worldwide rally in stocks has finally stalled at least for the moment. There was plenty of economic news to digest with the factory orders, ISM services index, and the ADP employment report. Thus far the sell-off in equities is pretty mild. The U.S. dollar continues to slide but its weakness isn't helping commodities today, which have been caught in the market-wide profit taking.

2:31:53 PM EDT | 8/4/2009
Rally Running Out of Breath
By James Brown | The markets are struggling to hold their gains as we move into the last couple of hours. Stocks initially struggled this morning only to claw back into positive territory. There is still a lot of money chasing performance even though stocks are overbought. Some of the best performers today are the financials, the gambling stocks, the airlines and even the homebuilders are showing some strength thanks to the pending home sales data.

12:41:04 PM EDT | 8/3/2009
S&P 500 Flirts With 1,000 as ISM Data Improves
By James Brown | July's stock market rally has carried over into the first trading day of August. Investors were happy to see some improvement in the ISM data this morning. A strong performance by stocks overseas helped set the tone. The S&P 500 managed to briefly trade over the 1,000 mark for the first time since November 2008.

2:02:01 PM EDT | 7/31/2009
Best July In Years!
By James Brown | Second-quarter U.S. GDP came in better than expected and it set the stage for stocks to finish the month at its highs. July 2009 is going to close with big wins for the bulls. The S&P 500 index is on pace for its best July since 1997. The Dow Industrials were up more than 8% for the month before the opening bell making it the best July since 1989. The NASDAQ composite is up over 8% for the month...

2:25:22 PM EDT | 7/30/2009
Stocks Rally Worldwide Ahead of U.S. GDP
By James Brown | Investors are enjoying another global stock market rally. A bounce in Asia carried over into Europe and some better than expected jobless data helped fuel the rally in the U.S. A rising appetite for riskier assets pushed the U.S. dollar lower and that's powering big gains in the commodities. Meanwhile the earnings parade continues and some better than expected numbers only added fuel to the fire.

12:52:57 PM EDT | 7/29/2009
Dollar Rallies, Oil Plunges, and MSFT Seals YHOO Deal
By James Brown | Exhaustion is finally starting to weigh on the market's July rally. Investors are absorbing the June durable goods order, a surprising oil inventory report, big news on a Microsoft/Yahoo! alliance, and a steady stream of earnings reports. Most sector indices are trading lower with banks, defense, biotech and healthcare the only bright spots still in positive territory today.

2:40:36 PM EDT | 7/28/2009
Sliding Consumer Confidence Trumps A Bump in Home Prices
By James Brown | Stocks are churning sideways but they appear to be bouncing off their lows of the session. Investors were unhappy with the drop in consumer confidence, which overshadowed a dead-cat bounce in the Case-Shiller index of home prices. The market remains short-term overbought but...

1:43:08 PM EDT | 7/27/2009
Stocks Stall In Spite of Rising New Home Sales
By James Brown | The rally in stocks has stalled. The major averages are churning sideways and we're seeing similar sideways movement in crude oil and the U.S. dollar. Short-term the market is overbought but this morning's lackluster earnings data was not enough to spark any serious profit taking.

1:13:12 PM EDT | 7/24/2009
Profit Taking Ahead of the Weekend
By James Brown | Stocks are holding up reasonably well. The U.S. markets had risen more than 10% in the last two weeks on better than expected earnings data and guidance. A couple of high profile earnings disappointments from AMZN and MSFT last night sparked a sharp turn lower after hours. Yet the sell-off today has been almost mild and stocks are off their worst levels of the session.

2:49:10 PM EDT | 7/23/2009
Global Markets Rally, NASDAQ Aims for 12
By James Brown | The stock market is extending its gains with the S&P 500 breaking out past resistance and hitting new highs for the year. The NASDAQ is soaring toward the 2,000 level and set to mark its 12th gain in a row. Better than expected existing home sales and another round of positive earnings news overshadowed a bearish move in weekly jobless claims and an earnings warning from UPS.

1:39:55 PM EDT | 7/22/2009
Stocks Stretch Gains But Momentum Wanes
By James Brown | Better than expected earnings reports are powering the market's rally and the NASDAQ is poised to mark its 11th gain in a row. Yet the stock market's gains are relatively minor. Energy stocks are under performing while technology continues to steal the spotlight. Meanwhile Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke...

3:12:15 PM EDT | 7/21/2009
Beating The Bottom Line
By James Brown | The second quarter earnings season is hitting high gear today with results pouring in fast and furious. The trend appears to be corporate earnings are beating analysts' lowered estimates but they're beating on the bottom line due to cost cutting. Revenues are generally missing estimates. Meanwhile on capital hill Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is speaking before the House Financial Services committee in a two-day semiannual report on the economy.

1:18:21 PM EDT | 7/20/2009
NASDAQ Shoots for 9 in a Row
By James Brown | Stocks continue to rally on strong earnings results, analyst upgrades, and improving economic indicators. The S&P 500 is up five out of the last six sessions and the index is now testing major resistance near the 950 level. The tech-heavy NASDAQ is up nine days in a row and currently trading above potential round-number resistance at the 1900 level.

1:30:08 PM EDT | 7/17/2009
Earnings Bonanza
By James Brown | It was all about earnings on Friday. The stock market's rally has stalled a bit as investors digest another big plate of corporate earnings news from the technology and financial sectors. Markets seemed to ignore the two hotel bombings in Indonesia last night.

1:16:05 PM EDT | 7/16/2009
Stocks Stall As Bulls Take a Break
By James Brown | The bulls appear out of breath after yesterday's sprint higher. Stocks are languishing sideways as investors sift through very strong JPM earnings news in contrast to a meltdown in shares of CIT. In economic news the jobless numbers appear to be improving but the Philly Fed survey was disappointing.

1:38:37 PM EDT | 7/15/2009
Intel's Earnings Lead Market Higher
By James Brown | Better than expected earnings results from tech titan Intel (INTC) has fueled an extremely widespread rally across the globe. Economic reports like the CPI, NY Empire state index, and industrial production all took a back seat to corporate earnings.

2:10:38 PM EDT | 7/14/2009
Goldman Delivers but Stocks Stall
By James Brown | The U.S. markets are not seeing much follow through on Monday's big gain. Investors are sifting through June's retail sales data, the PPI report, lackluster comments from Dell, and a massive earnings report from Goldman Sachs.

2:16:06 PM EDT | 7/13/2009
Whitney Gives Banks A Boost
By James Brown | The first full week of the second quarter earnings season is off to a strong start. Positive comments from influential Wall Street analyst Meredith Whitney launched a rally in financials.

2:13:46 PM EDT | 7/10/2009
Consumer Sentiment Sinks, Stocks Follow
By James Brown | The major U.S. stock market indices were lower on Friday morning thanks to disappointing consumer sentiment numbers. The energy sector continues to under perform as oil resumes its decline. Investors are apprehensive about second quarter earnings, which really hit full force next week.

2:22:44 PM EDT | 7/9/2009
Same-Store Sales Sink, Oil Oozes Lower (Again)
By James Brown | Stocks are trying to bounce after a multi-day sell-off but investors are having a hard time digesting lackluster same-store sales data and another disappointing weekly jobless claims report.

2:39:50 PM EDT | 7/8/2009
Breaking Support: Oil and Financials Lead Stocks Lower
By James Brown | The market correction continues. Stocks are lower across the board and across the globe. Today's decline in the S&P 500 is a technical breakdown from its head-and-shoulders formation. Recent comments and forecasts for a slower economic recovery might be considered a reality check for the market.

1:36:05 PM EDT | 7/7/2009
Investors Nervous Ahead of Earnings
By James Brown | Stocks around the globe were sinking lower as investors nervously wait for the second quarter earnings season to begin. Dow-component Alcoa (AA) is due to kick off earnings tomorrow night. Energy stocks continued to under perform as crude oil sinks to new relative lows.

2:26:15 PM EDT | 7/6/2009
ISM Services Improve but Oil's Decline Weighs on the Market
By James Brown | U.S. markets continued last Thursday's slide but the major indices are bouncing from their worst levels of the session. Without any catalyst to drive stocks higher and second quarter earnings looming just days away money seems to be sitting on the sidelines.

2:30:04 PM EDT | 7/2/2009
Jobs Number Misses, Stocks Tank Ahead of the Holiday
By James Brown | The official non-farm payrolls (jobs) report for June was released this morning. We've been warning readers in the markets wraps that if the number misses expectations stocks will sell-off.

2:34:04 PM EDT | 7/1/2009
Bulls Kick Off the Third Quarter
By James Brown | Stocks marched higher into the third quarter on a parade of slowly improving economic data. Improving PMI data out of China and Europe and an improving ISM here in the U.S. contributed to market gains. The ADP employment report was slightly better than expected.

2:29:45 PM EDT | 6/30/2009
Best Quarterly Gain Since 1998
By James Brown | Stocks are set to end the quarter on a sour note thanks to an unexpected decline in consumer confidence. In spite of today's weakness most global markets have produced one of their best quarterly gains in years. Investors are trying to digest a plate full of economic data...

2:03:41 PM EDT | 6/29/2009
Oil Rallies. Madoff Gets the Max!
By James Brown | The end of quarter window dressing continues as the first half of 2009 draws to a close tomorrow. Financials and oil are areas of strength. Investor sentiment may have gotten a boost from the Bernie Madoff sentencing news.

2:04:59 PM EDT | 6/26/2009
Window Dressing Stalls on Savings Rate
By James Brown | Stocks are struggling to build on their midweek bounce thanks to a soaring consumer savings rate. Consumer sentiment came in better than expected. Banks and energy stocks were some of the worst performers.

12:20:09 PM EDT | 6/25/2009
Widespread Rally In Progress
By James Brown | U.S. stocks are bouncing with a widespread rally underway. Retail, healthcare and transportation stocks are leading the market higher. An improvement in the latest GDP reading is bullish and investors ignored a slight up tick in unemployment.

11:32:52 AM EDT | 6/24/2009
Durable Goods Data Surprises. Stocks Bounce.
By James Brown | Better than expected economic data gave stocks a boost on Wednesday. Investors looked past a drop in new home sales and applauded a rise in durable goods. A slightly better global economic forecast from the OECD didn't hurt.

1:42:52 PM EDT | 6/23/2009
Waiting For the Fed
By James Brown | Stocks were generally flat on Tuesday as investors wait for the FOMC decision on interest rates tomorrow. The lack of follow through on yesterday's painful sell-off is a positive for the markets but a lot of technical damage was done yesterday.

1:10:06 PM EDT | 6/22/2009
World Bank Forecast Sparks Sell-Off
By James Brown | The market stumbled out of the starting block launching the new week with a loss. Heavy selling in Europe spread to the U.S. following negative comments from the World Bank.

2:26:45 PM EDT | 6/19/2009
Expiration Bounce
By James Brown | The tone on option expiration Friday was generally positive. Thus far it has been a relatively quiet day without any significant economic news. Technology stocks were stronger thanks to leadership in stocks like Apple (AAPL) and Microsoft (MSFT).

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