2:17:48 PM EDT | 11/5/2010
+151,000 New Jobs in October
By James Brown | The market is poised to close a very strong week near its highs. The lack of profit taking on Friday might be attributed to a bullish jobs report this morning. The stronger jobs number is fueling a bounce in the dollar. Lately dollar strength has been bearish for the market and commodities but not today.

2:31:46 PM EDT | 11/4/2010
QE2 Ignites Global Rally
By Scott Hawes | Global equity markets and asset classes across the board are rallying in the wake of yesterday's QE announcement from the US Federal Reserve.

1:56:43 PM EDT | 11/3/2010
Market Awaits FOMC Announcement
By Scott Hawes | Equities are under a bit pressure after the GOP won the House in mid-term elections yesterday, and ahead of the QE2 announcement by the FOMC this afternoon at 2:15 PM EST.

2:46:39 PM EDT | 11/2/2010
Stocks Rally Toward Six-Month Highs
By James Brown | Happy election day! The markets are in a positive mood. The midterm elections will be over tonight and will remove a level of uncertainty. Plus, market participants are expecting the Federal Reserve to announce a new quantitative easing program tomorrow.

1:47:42 PM EDT | 11/1/2010
Strong Manufacturing Data Boosts Equities
By Scott Hawes | US equities gapped higher at the open this morning after strong manufacturing data from around the globe helped futures gain ground in the overnight session.

1:42:07 PM EDT | 10/29/2010
Equities Recover From Overnight Losses
By Scott Hawes | Equity futures overcame weakness in the pre-market and are oscillating near the flat line, despite the lowest consumer sentiment reading in nearly a year...

2:16:11 PM EDT | 10/28/2010
Equities Erase Early Gains
By Scott Hawes | Equities gapped higher at the open this morning but immediately rolled over into the red, despite a sharp decline in the US Dollar and an unexpected drop in initial jobless claims.

2:23:23 PM EDT | 10/27/2010
A Lot of QE2, or A Little?
By Scott Hawes | Global equity markets and commodities are under pressure on the heels of strength in the US Dollar...

2:19:19 PM EDT | 10/26/2010
Equities Head to Breakeven After Initial Drop
By Scott Hawes | US equities opened lower this morning after a mixed bag of earnings reports, but the weakness was short lived after a better than expected reading on consumer confidence...

2:23:50 PM EDT | 10/25/2010
Equities Gap Higher To New Highs
By Scott Hawes | US equities are posting solid gains and have broken to multi month highs after decent home sales data and a better than expected October Dallas Fed manufacturing survey.

2:10:28 PM EDT | 10/22/2010
Sideways Drift
By Scott Hawes | Equities are drifting sideways near breakeven in a painfully slow trading session with no economic data to report.

2:57:19 PM EDT | 10/21/2010
Pop and Drop
By Scott Hawes | US equities gapped higher at the open after a slew of positive earnings reports from major US corporations.

1:55:26 PM EDT | 10/20/2010
Risk Off, Risk On
By Scott Hawes | US equities have essentially erased yesterday's entire loss as traders shift their focus back to expectations of a second round of quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve.

2:19:44 PM EDT | 10/19/2010
China and NY Fed Deliver Blow To Equities
By Scott Hawes | Sentiment took another blow after the Peoples Bank of China surprised investors by raising its one year lending and deposit rate by +25 basis points.

2:33:58 PM EDT | 10/18/2010
US Equities Approach Last Week's Highs
By Scott Hawes | US equities have overcome early weakness and have fought back to post modest gains as traders ignored an unexpected drop in September industrial production that was released in the pre-market.

2:11:48 PM EDT | 10/15/2010
Stocks Tumble Sideways Through Competing Headlines
By James Brown | Volatility rose this morning as stocks ricocheted back and forth between bullish and bearish headlines. A small parade of economic data was nearly overshadowed by comments from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and earnings reports from Google and General Electric. Unfortunately an unexpected decline in consumer sentiment...

2:16:30 PM EDT | 10/14/2010
Stocks Slip, Banks Lead the Way
By James Brown | After surging to new five-month highs on Wednesday the market has taken a moment to pause. Investors have chosen to focus on the banks and this country's foreclosure mess sending financial stocks sharply lower on Thursday. In economic news the weekly jobless claims numbers were higher than expected while the PPI came in above expectations...

1:53:33 PM EDT | 10/13/2010
Equities Breakout Higher
By Scott Hawes | US equities are flying high after solid gains in overseas markets and strong earnings results from Dow members JP Morgan and Intel, while an earnings beat from CSX is helping boost the transportation sector and overall market sentiment.

12:00:27 PM EDT | 10/12/2010
Equities Drop But Recover
By Scott Hawes | Equity markets around the globe have experienced selling pressure on Tuesday after reports indicated that the People's Bank of China is temporarily raising its reserve requirement for six large commercial banks.

2:15:46 PM EDT | 10/11/2010
Equities Continue Drifting Higher
By Scott Hawes | US equities are posting slight gains on lackluster volumes as US bond markets and banks are closed for the Columbus Day federal holiday.

1:46:52 PM EDT | 10/8/2010
Traders Cheer Job Losses
By Scott Hawes | Traders are cheering a worse than expected employment report which virtually guarantees another round of stimulus by the Federal Reserve.

2:04:17 PM EDT | 10/7/2010
Equities Gap Higher But Reverse Course
By Scott Hawes | Traders were enthusiastic in the pre-market this morning after a better than expected initial jobless claims report helped stocks and commodities add to recent gains while the US Dollar's slide continued.

2:11:21 PM EDT | 10/6/2010
Technology Stocks Post Steep Losses
By Scott Hawes | US equities are oscillating between positive and negative territory, but so far have overcome disappointing employment reports...

11:34:45 AM EDT | 10/5/2010
Equities Posting Sharp Gains
By Scott Hawes | US equities erased yesterday's losses with a gap higher at the open and are posting sharp gains after the Bank of Japan surprised the markets...

1:11:36 PM EDT | 10/4/2010
US Equities Fall to Last Week's Lows
By Scott Hawes | As the first full week of trading in October begins US equities are under solid pressure on the heels of a weak session in Europe.

2:34:03 PM EDT | 10/1/2010
Equities Recover From Lows, Again
By Scott Hawes | US equities got a boost in the pre-market after better than expected readings on personal income and spending and positive manufacturing data out of China.

1:30:13 PM EDT | 9/30/2010
Equites Surged +1%, But Turn Negative
By Scott Hawes | After equities gapped higher at the open and surged to +1% gains in the first 30 minutes of trading, stocks have taken nosedive into the red.

1:36:38 PM EDT | 9/29/2010
Equities Consolidate Near Monthly Highs
By Scott Hawes | After an early morning dip US equities are well off of their lows and are oscillating between positive and negative territory as the news flows are light and there is little economic data to report.

2:13:12 PM EDT | 9/28/2010
Stocks Erase Early -1% Loss
By Scott Hawes | US equities are in positive territory after erasing a -1% loss in early trading on the back of a mixed report on home prices...

12:16:52 PM EDT | 9/27/2010
Equities Consolidate Friday's Gains
By Scott Hawes | US equities are lower as they digest Friday's steep advance and await economic data due out later this week.

11:57:13 AM EDT | 9/24/2010
US Equities Fly High
By Scott Hawes | US Equities are back to their weekly highs after gapping nearly +1% higher at the open this morning.

2:05:47 PM EDT | 9/23/2010
Equities Take a Dive, But Come Back to the Surface
By Scott Hawes | US equities gapped nearly -1% lower this morning after weak PMI data out of Europe and a surprise increase in US weekly jobless claims. However, an upbeat housing report and...

1:19:38 PM EDT | 9/22/2010
Equities Take A Post FOMC Breather
By Scott Hawes | Equities in the US and throughout Europe are under solid pressure as the market digests yesterday's FOMC announcement.

1:53:55 PM EDT | 9/21/2010
Equities Post Modest Losses Ahead of FOMC
By Scott Hawes | US equities are posting modest losses but are holding their ground after yesterday's big advance...

1:34:32 PM EDT | 9/20/2010
S&P 500 Prints Fresh 4-month Highs
By Scott Hawes | Enthusiasm is rampant on Monday as global equities posted solid gains, while the S&P 500 is breaking out to fresh 4-month highs...

2:17:00 PM EDT | 9/17/2010
The Standoff Between Bulls & Bears Continues
By Scott Hawes | Enthusiasm was upbeat in the pre-market this morning as the S&P 500 gapped higher at the open after positive earnings reports from Research In Motion and Oracle after the bell yesterday.

1:57:06 PM EDT | 9/16/2010
Equities Remain In Weekly Range
By Scott Hawes | In a relatively quiet session so far US Equities are under pressure, but are still trading within this week's sideways range.

2:09:35 PM EDT | 9/15/2010
US Equities Recover, Again
By Scott Hawes | Mixed US economic data and weakness in European equities translated to an opening dip in US equities but they have recovered, again.

1:53:12 PM EDT | 9/14/2010
Equities Struggle To Hold Gains
By Scott Hawes | US equities took a hit in early trading despite a better than expected retail sales report and a strong earnings beat from Best Buy, but the selling was short lived...

2:10:25 PM EDT | 9/13/2010
The Rally Continues
By Scott Hawes | Equities around the globe have surged higher on Monday following a plethora of favorable Chinese data and the finalization of new banking sector capital rules out of Basel III.

1:44:12 PM EDT | 9/10/2010
Light Volume Keeps Equities Afloat
By Scott Hawes | Light volume and the lack of news helped push US equities higher this morning but they have come off of their best levels and are now bouncing near the flat line.

1:32:44 PM EDT | 9/9/2010
Equities Advance But Struggle At Resistance
By Scott Hawes | Global equity advances in Asia and Europe overnight set a positive tone in the US pre-market this morning, and a better than expected...

1:58:05 PM EDT | 9/8/2010
Equities Recover After Yesterday's Sell-off
By Scott Hawes | US equities have erased most of yesterday's losses as Europe's recurring sovereign debt issues have cooled off after a successful bond auction in Portugal.

12:39:37 PM EDT | 9/7/2010
US Equities Take a Breather
By Scott Hawes | US equities are under pressure as traders return from the long holiday weekend following last week's rip higher in the major indexes.

2:04:36 PM EDT | 9/3/2010
Equities Extend the Rally
By Scott Hawes | US markets will be closed on Monday which is keeping traders on their toes after mixed economic data was released this morning.

1:16:26 PM EDT | 9/2/2010
Equities Drift Higher
By Scott Hawes | Global equities extended gains on Thursday on the heels of more favorable economic data after yesterday's +30 point rip higher in S&P 500.

2:13:21 PM EDT | 9/1/2010
Equities Soar Higher on Economic Data
By Scott Hawes | US and global equities soar higher after a plethora of favorable economic reports from around the globe.

1:53:15 PM EDT | 8/31/2010
Equities Recover From Another Test of SPX 1,040
By Scott Hawes | The S&P 500 was down -8 points shortly after the bell as the index tested the important 1,040 level for 3rd time in 5 days.

1:10:48 PM EDT | 8/30/2010
Equities Hit a Wall After Friday's Rip Higher
By Scott Hawes | US equities are under pressure on Monday after Friday's +25 point rally off of the lows in the S&P 500.

2:41:37 PM EDT | 8/27/2010
Equities Skyrocket After Early Sell-off
By Scott Hawes | US equities got a boost in the pre-market after the downward revision to Q2 GDP was smaller than expected, but the enthusiasm...

1:39:16 PM EDT | 8/26/2010
Mixed Data Sends Equities to Breakeven
By Scott Hawes | US equities are near breakeven on the heels of better, and worse, than expected economic data. In the pre-market futures got a lift when the weekly initial jobless claims fell for the first time in a month. But after the bell...

1:58:57 PM EDT | 8/25/2010
US Equities Recover After Poor Data
By Scott Hawes | US Equities extended yesterday's losses after a poor July durable goods report in the pre-market this morning, and the selling gained momentum after US new home sales fell to their lowest level on record. But the selling was short lived as buyers stepped in when the S&P 500 tagged 1,040.

2:19:58 PM EDT | 8/24/2010
Existing Home Sales Worst In 15 Years
By Scott Hawes | The S&P 500 futures gapped -12 points lower this morning on the heels of weak markets overseas and after US existing home sales in July fell to their worst level in 15 years.

2:05:31 PM EDT | 8/23/2010
Equities Falter After Early Gains
By Scott Hawes | A slew of M&A news over the weekend helped lift equities higher in early trading but stocks quickly rolled over just after the bell and are now struggling to hold onto gains.

2:49:00 PM EDT | 8/20/2010
Quiet, Option-Expiration Friday
By James Brown | Stocks continued to slip lower on this quiet, low-volume, option-expiration Friday. Yesterday's disappointing initial jobless claims and Philly Fed report has sapped any strength from the global markets. Investors are worried the slowing economic growth in the U.S. could encumber the global recovery efforts.

2:15:03 PM EDT | 8/19/2010
Weekly Jobless Claims Hit 500,000, Phill Fed Turns Negative
By James Brown | Stocks are seeing a broad-based sell-off as investors react to very disappointing economic data. News that Intel was buying McAfee for nearly $8 billion was completely overshadowed by a rise in weekly jobless claims and a terrible report on manufacturing from the Philadelphia Reserve Bank. Markets were also digesting the latest Leading Indicators data, the semi-annual report from the Congressional Budget Office, and...

2:08:38 PM EDT | 8/18/2010
Equities Recover From Early Sell-off
By Scott Hawes | US equities have recovered from early losses and are back in the green after mixed earnings reports with a cautious tone, and ahead of Friday's OPEX.

2:14:27 PM EDT | 8/17/2010
Economic Data and Earnings Lift Equities
By Scott Hawes | Decent economic data and good earnings reports from Wal-Mart and Home Depot are helping lift equities higher today.

1:49:22 PM EDT | 8/16/2010
Equities Recover From Gap Down
By Scott Hawes | US equities have rebounded from early morning pressure and are in positive territory despite more disappointing economic news from around the globe.

2:28:26 PM EDT | 8/13/2010
"Less Bad" Economic Data Keeps Stocks Afloat
By Scott Hawes | US equities are near the flat line today despite "less bad" economic data. The preliminary August consumer sentiment report showed a slight increase over July, while retail sales posted its first gain in three months...

1:18:40 PM EDT | 8/12/2010
Equities Recover From Big Gap Lower
By Scott Hawes | The S&P 500 gapped -15 points lower but quickly reversed +10 points paring a large portion of the early losses.

1:53:47 PM EDT | 8/11/2010
Equities Gap Lower and Keep Going
By Scott Hawes | There is a global sell off brewing across most asset classes after the FOMC downgraded their economic view yesterday and decided to maintain its bloated balance sheet.

1:56:49 PM EDT | 8/10/2010
Equities Gap Lower After Intel Downgrades
By Scott Hawes | The S&P 500 futures took a dive in the overnight session on the heels of a slowing import growth report out of China, an unexpected drop in US Q2 non-farm productivity, and another monthly deterioration in US small business confidence.

2:13:53 PM EDT | 8/9/2010
Stocks Hold Ground Ahead of FOMC Announcement
By Scott Hawes | After Friday afternoon's recovery equities are holding their ground amid mixed corporate news, and as traders await tomorrow's FOMC monetary policy announcement.

1:41:43 PM EDT | 8/6/2010
Job Losses Double Expectations
By James Brown | The highly anticipated July nonfarm payrolls report was a huge disappointment. Job losses were double what the market was expecting. Stocks immediately spiked lower on the news. The U.S. dollar plunged and money rushed back into the safety of U.S. treasuries.

2:38:52 PM EDT | 8/5/2010
Same-Store Sales & Jobless Claims Disappoint
By James Brown | The U.S. stock market is seeing a widespread decline as investors react to sluggish same-store sales figures and a disappointing look at weekly initial jobless claims. All of the major averages are in negative territory but stocks are off their worst levels of the session.

11:12:44 AM EDT | 8/4/2010
Equities Near Breakeven After Positive Data
By Scott Hawes | A better than expected ADP employment report provoked enthusiasm about private sector job growth ahead of Friday's non-farm payroll report.

2:22:26 PM EDT | 8/3/2010
Equities Recover from Early Losses
By Scott Hawes | US equities opened lower and quickly lost ground in early trading, however, the selling was short lived as the market rebounded to go briefly unchanged by noon, despite disappointing economic data.

2:13:54 PM EDT | 8/2/2010
Manufacturing Data Lifts Equities Worldwide
By Scott Hawes | US equities are posting steep gains after a string of strong manufacturing reports from around the globe, including a better than expected US ISM manufacturing report.

1:59:11 PM EDT | 7/30/2010
Traders Confused Over Economic Data
By Scott Hawes | Equities gapped lower at the open this morning after a disappointing first glance at Q2 GDP but have overcome early pressure, bouncing hard to close the gap.

2:07:12 PM EDT | 7/29/2010
Stocks Go On Roller Coaster Ride
By Scott Hawes | Enthusiasm was rampant in the pre-market as the weekly jobless claims report was in-line with estimates and mostly positive earnings reports helped boost sentiment.

1:41:48 PM EDT | 7/28/2010
The Rally Shifts Gears as Durable Goods Disappoint
By Scott Hawes | An unexpected decline in durable goods orders this morning has caused the recent earnings driven rally to shift gears into reverse.

1:43:17 PM EDT | 7/27/2010
Equities Gap Higher And Quickly Sell Off
By Scott Hawes | More positive earnings and raised guidance from DuPont helped lift equities in the pre-market, but a worse than expected July consumer confidence reading sparked broad based selling in early trading.

11:59:35 AM EDT | 7/26/2010
Equities Advance After Better Than Expected Home Sales Data
By Scott Hawes | After last week's solid advances US equities opened relatively flat this morning but then climbed higher after a stronger than expected housing report and positive guidance from FedEx.

2:08:10 PM EDT | 7/23/2010
Markets Fly After European Bank Stress Tests
By Scott Hawes | US Equities have tacked on gains after yesterday morning's spring board higher as the market digests the results of the European Bank stress tests.

2:06:55 PM EDT | 7/22/2010
Earnings and Data from Europe Spark +2.50% Gains
By Scott Hawes | US Equities erased all of yesterday afternoon's declines in the overnight session as favorable economic data out of Europe boosted investor sentiment.

1:21:06 PM EDT | 7/21/2010
Stocks Consolidate Prior to Bernanke's Testimony at Noon
By Scott Hawes | Equities gapped higher after solid earnings reports from Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo before the bell this morning but have since given up their gains in mid-day trading.

1:35:56 PM EDT | 7/20/2010
Equities Close Big Gap Lower
By Scott Hawes | A larger than expected drop in housing starts exacerbated an opening gap lower in the major indexes but equities have shown resiliency and are well off of their lows.

1:35:29 PM EDT | 7/19/2010
Equities Consolidate After Friday's Sell Off
By Scott Hawes | After Friday's big sell off equities bounced but it didn't last long after a disappointing homebuilder report indicated the weakest conditions since April 2009.

1:56:31 PM EDT | 7/16/2010
Equities Go Cliff Diving
By Scott Hawes | Equities gapped modestly lower this morning but then stepped off of a cliff as the S&P 500 lost more than -20 points in the first 30 minutes of trading and the selling has not stopped.

2:16:10 PM EDT | 7/15/2010
Stocks Hanging Tough For Now After Terrible Data
By Scott Hawes | Equities sold off early this morning but are hanging tough after terrible US economic data that confirms US growth is slowing and prices are eroding, which is also stoking the deflation argument.

2:11:53 PM EDT | 7/14/2010
Stocks Sell-off After FOMC Minutes Released
By Scott Hawes | US equities are selling off after trending higher this morning.

2:14:16 PM EDT | 7/13/2010
S&P 500 Trades Up To Its 50-day SMA
By Scott Hawes | Strong quarterly earnings results from Alcoa and CSX are greasing US equities higher today while expectations remain elevated for a positive June quarterly earnings cycle.

12:51:10 PM EDT | 7/12/2010
Equities Tread Water Ahead of Earnings
By Scott Hawes | Monday's trading session is following in the footprints of Friday, at least in terms of volume. Total NYSE volume on Friday was the lightest of the year and it is even lighter so far today.

3:07:51 PM EDT | 7/9/2010
Anemic Volume Ahead of Earnings
By Scott Hawes | US equities have traded in a relatively narrow 9 point range since yesterday afternoon's strong close.

2:00:38 PM EDT | 7/8/2010
Equities Consolidate After Mixed Data
By Scott Hawes | US equities gapped open higher this morning but quickly closed the gap as traders try to decipher through a mixed bag of economic data.

1:59:33 PM EDT | 7/7/2010
Oversold Bounce Gains Steam
By Scott Hawes | The news and economic calendar is light again today which is helping US equities from getting knocked down.

1:58:42 PM EDT | 7/6/2010
Equities Give Back Early Gains
By Scott Hawes | US equity markets gapped higher at the open after solid gains in Asia and Europe, however, the gains have vanished.

3:19:34 PM EDT | 7/2/2010
SPX Death Cross!
By Scott Hawes | The jobs report was mixed but a much larger than expected drop in May factory orders has the bulls on the run.

1:58:53 PM EDT | 7/1/2010
Equities Recover From Lows
By Scott Hawes | The S&P 500 futures took a -10 point nosedive in overnight trading after China reported a larger than expected drop in their PMI Manufacturing Index.

1:36:48 PM EDT | 6/30/2010
Equities Consolidate Sideways
By Scott Hawes | US equities are drifting higher but trading in a fairly tight range as investors digest mixed US economic data. The ADP Employment Report for June was a big miss...

1:47:03 PM EDT | 6/29/2010
Equities Collapse After Consumer Confidence Data
By Scott Hawes | Equity markets throughout the world were sharply lower on Tuesday which pressured US futures overnight. China's Shanghai Composite sold off -4.27%, while all major markets in Europe were off more than -3%.

1:41:57 PM EDT | 6/28/2010
Range Bound Ahead of Friday's Employment Report
By Scott Hawes | The S&P 500 sold off -6 points in early trading before bouncing back +11 points and into positive territory late this morning, despite a miss in the Dallas national manufacturing index and unenthusiastic May consumer spending data.

2:33:56 PM EDT | 6/25/2010
Stocks Bounce From Oversold Conditions
By Scott Hawes | US equities opened slightly higher this morning but quickly turned lower extending yesterday's decline, but have since bounced +15 points.

2:07:11 PM EDT | 6/24/2010
Equities Bounce Off Morning Lows
By Scott Hawes | US equities slid in the overnight futures market and printed new lows in early trading that have not been seen since June 10th...

1:23:55 PM EDT | 6/23/2010
New Home Sales Plunge to Record Lows
By Scott Hawes | A record plunge in new homes sales is exacerbating yesterday's terrible existing home sales report.

1:57:49 PM EDT | 6/22/2010
Existing Home Sales Sparks Selling Again
By Scott Hawes | The bounce in the market at the end of trading yesterday continued in early trading, but the strength was sold into after another disappointing existing home sales report.

1:55:11 PM EDT | 6/21/2010
Equities Pop, The Drop on China Currency News
By Scott Hawes | Overnight the S&P 500 futures gained +12 within minutes of opening at 6:00 PM EST on the news that China plans to gradually let the yuan appreciate against the US dollar.

2:19:06 PM EDT | 6/18/2010
Quiet OPEX, But China Hits New 52-week Low
By Scott Hawes | In China, the Shanghai Composite lost -1.84% (a new 52-week low) on the heels of cautious comments regarding the country's future growth by the World Bank as well as a PBoC adviser.

1:59:38 PM EDT | 6/17/2010
Equities Shake Off Bad Data Heading Into OPEX
By Scott Hawes | After initially shedding -6 points from Wednesday's closing print the S&P 500 futures proceeded to bounce +14 points overnight, reaching a high of 1,117.50 just before the 8:30 AM jobless claims report.

1:55:31 PM EDT | 6/16/2010
Stocks Pare Early Losses
By Scott Hawes | After two prior days of higher opens the S&P 500 futures were under pressure this morning after a mixed bag of US economic data that provided ammo to both bulls and bears.

1:58:38 PM EDT | 6/15/2010
US Equities Erase Yesterday's Late Sell-off
By Scott Hawes | Equities are surging higher despite a large profit miss by retailer Best Buy and worse than expected economic data from the NAHB Housing Index and the Empire State Manufacturing Index.

1:55:40 PM EDT | 6/14/2010
Greek Bonds Downgraded to Junk Status
By Scott Hawes | US Equities gapped open higher this morning following strength in the Asian and European markets.

12:27:42 PM EDT | 6/11/2010
Mixed Economic Data Confuses Equities
By Scott Hawes | In the pre-market this morning disappointing US May retail sales numbers sent the S&P 500 futures about -10 points lower as consumers paused their spending spree in May.

2:05:50 PM EDT | 6/10/2010
Economic Data Lifts Stocks
By Scott Hawes | Yesterday afternoon's sell off was erased this morning as strong economic data out of Asia is bringing risk appetite back to the table.

1:58:04 PM EDT | 6/9/2010
Equities Get a Boost on Data from China
By Scott Hawes | The markets got a boost on data from China as a senior government official stated that China's May exports would be up +50% over last year's levels.

2:01:01 PM EDT | 6/8/2010
The SPX is Whipsawing in a 17 Point Range
By Scott Hawes | The line in the sand for the bulls to defend on the SPX is 1,040.

2:03:24 PM EDT | 6/7/2010
Equities Are Little Changed From Friday's Close
By Scott Hawes | With little US economic data or corporate earnings on the schedule early this week attention has turned to the European debt situation yet again.

2:00:27 PM EDT | 6/4/2010
Terrible Employment Report Sends Equities Sharply Lower
By Scott Hawes | The highly anticipated May US employment report was a huge disappointment this morning.

1:53:10 PM EDT | 6/3/2010
Economic Reports Spark Selling in Equities
By Scott Hawes | After opening in positive territory this morning and surging right up to its 200-day SMA at 1106, the S&P 500 sold off -14 points reaching a low near 1,092.

1:17:58 PM EDT | 6/2/2010
Stocks Rebound as the Selling Stops in Oil Services
By Scott Hawes | Equities have stabilized as the fierce selling in the oil services names has subsided, at least for now.

1:55:59 PM EDT | 6/1/2010
Economic Data Lifts Stocks Off of Opening Lows
By Scott Hawes | Traders returned to work after the three day holiday weekend to a hurricane of worries sweeping through the market...

11:39:35 AM EDT | 5/28/2010
Tepid Economic Reports Pressure Markets
By Scott Hawes | US markets are under pressure today following mixed economic reports.

2:12:28 PM EDT | 5/27/2010
China's Comments Give Markets a Turbo Boost
By Scott Hawes | China's comments overnight sprinkled the markets with confidence this morning despite a worse than expected GDP revision and jobless claims report.

2:33:36 PM EDT | 5/26/2010
Does One Day Make a Difference?
By Scott Hawes | Yesterday afternoon's rally in the US equity markets continued marching onward before the bell today and in early trading.

2:08:35 PM EDT | 5/25/2010
Geopolitical Tensions Accelerate Sell Off
By Scott Hawes | Global equity markets and commodities are under pressure as they deal with geopolitical tensions throughout the world.

2:02:44 PM EDT | 5/24/2010
Supply of Homes for Sale Jumps +11.5%
By Scott Hawes | In the pre-market the S&P 500 futures were off -14 points to 1,070, erasing the majority of the +16 point rally during the last 30 minutes of trading on Friday afternoon.

10:45:23 AM EDT | 5/21/2010
Markets Bounce Back After Lower Open
By Scott Hawes | The S&P 500 futures were strong overnight reaching a high of 1,180. But then immediately sold off -30 points and dipping below flash crash levels...

2:00:53 PM EDT | 5/20/2010
Global Equities Continue Descent
By Scott Hawes | The inability of European leaders to agree on policy is adding to speculation that the euro currency could fail.

2:28:54 PM EDT | 5/19/2010
Inflation is Not an Immediate Concern
By Scott Hawes | The German move to ban naked short selling of euro-denominated government bonds and 10 leading financial institutions has added to risk aversion by investors.

2:14:28 PM EDT | 5/18/2010
The Bulls Are Running Out of Gas
By Scott Hawes | After gapping higher at the open by +10 points and trading up to 1,148, the S&P 500 quickly sold off by more than -23 points...

2:23:59 PM EDT | 5/17/2010
Euro Continues to Make New Lows
By Scott Hawes | The euro has traded to new four year lows against the US dollar as the warnings from European leaders continue to surface that their $1 trillion emergency loan package for debt ridden governments..

2:31:37 PM EDT | 5/14/2010
Crude Oil May Be Leading Us Lower
By Scott Hawes | The insolvency worries about Europe may have subsided, but they have now turned into worries that their fiscal austerity measures will slow down economic growth.

2:12:51 PM EDT | 5/13/2010
Cisco Weighs on the NASDAQ
By Scott Hawes | Cisco is weighing on the Nasdaq today despite beating consensus earnings estimates and reporting their best quarter ever.

2:40:59 PM EDT | 5/12/2010
No News Is Good News
By Scott Hawes | The lack of news appears to be bringing the appetite for risk back to the table.

2:17:22 PM EDT | 5/11/2010
US Equities Erase Early Gains
By Scott Hawes | US equity markets had a significant gap at the open again this morning, only this time it was lower.

2:08:10 PM EDT | 5/10/2010
Global Markets Surge After $1 Trillion Bailout of Euro Zone
By Scott Hawes | Markets across the world surged higher overnight after global policymakers revealed an emergency aid package worth about $1 trillion...

2:10:57 PM EDT | 5/7/2010
290,000 New Jobs Fails To Move the Market
By James Brown | The highly anticipated jobs report came in much better than expected but the news took a back seat to yesterday's alarming volatility. People are still asking, "what happened on Thursday?" to cause a nearly 1,000 point decline in the Dow Jones Industrial average. Volatility remains front and center with the DJIA sinking...

1:47:17 PM EDT | 5/6/2010
The Bulls Run For Cover
By Scott Hawes | The markets were again under pressure this morning after mediocre reports of same store sales, jobless claims, and hysteria in Europe.

2:21:31 PM EDT | 5/5/2010
The Selling Continues, For Now
By Scott Hawes | The US indices were under pressure in the pre-market and early trading but have since pared most of the losses.

2:27:41 PM EDT | 5/4/2010
Fears of European Debt Contagion Trump US Markets
By Scott Hawes | On Monday the markets cheered an aid package for Greece worth 110 billion Euros that was, in principal, supposedly agreed to over the weekend. A day later fears of the European debt contagion...

1:50:23 PM EDT | 5/3/2010
Stocks Regain Friday's Losses
By Scott Hawes | Stocks in the US have regained most of their losses from Friday on the heels of the strongest ISM Manufacturing Index reading since June 2004 at 60.4.

12:43:28 PM EDT | 4/30/2010
Goldman Sachs Being Probed By US Attorney's Office
By Scott Hawes | Shares of Goldman Sachs are off by -9% in mid-day trading after the Wall Street Journal reported the US attorney's office in Manhattan is undertaking a preliminary criminal probe...

2:15:22 PM EDT | 4/29/2010
Traders Pile Back Into Stocks
By Scott Hawes | Stocks continue their bounce off of Tuesday and Wednesday lows as risk aversion has subsided due to a general feeling that an expanded EU/IMF aid package for Greece is imminent.

1:42:47 PM EDT | 4/28/2010
Stocks Bounce Back After Spain Downgrade
By Scott Hawes | All things considered stocks are bouncing back nicely today after yesterday's sharp declines, even though the turmoil in Europe continues...

2:16:34 PM EDT | 4/27/2010
S&P Cuts Greek Debt Rating to Junk
By Scott Hawes | The pre-markets were weak this morning but bounced back at the open. But just when the major indices were about to turn positive S&P Ratings Services cut their ratings on Greek debt to junk and also cut Portugal's ratings two notches...

1:58:38 PM EDT | 4/26/2010
Lack of Conviction Ahead of this Week's FOMC Announcement.
By Scott Hawes | Equities are finding little momentum on Monday as the there is a lack of conviction ahead of the FOMC announcement on Wednesday. Stocks are trading in a narrow range and oscillating between positive and negative territory.

1:56:28 PM EDT | 4/23/2010
Good Economic Reports Keeps Stocks Afloat
By Scott Hawes | The equity markets are mixed in trading today as a favorable durable goods report and a jump in new home sales are being offset by evolving uncertainty in Greece and negative reactions to earnings reports.

1:31:00 PM EDT | 4/22/2010
The Whipsaws Continue
By Scott Hawes | Stocks were under pressure this morning after mixed earnings reports and continued tension in Europe toward Greece's sovereign debt problems.

1:50:57 PM EDT | 4/21/2010
Stocks are Coiling Back and Forth
By Scott Hawes | The pre-markets were weak this morning but stocks bounced back at the open, briefly pushing prices above yesterday's highs. However, the selling kicked in at about 10:00 AM EDT...

2:02:12 PM EDT | 4/20/2010
Earnings Are Keeping Markets Buoyant
By Scott Hawes | Stocks gapped up higher this morning as a flurry of good earnings are keeping the markets buoyant. Dow members Goldman Sachs, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, and Coca-Cola all reported earnings that beat analyst estimates, however, all four of these stocks are lower...

1:48:29 PM EDT | 4/19/2010
The Goldman Hangover
By Scott Hawes | The major US indices overcame early pressure in the pre-markets after Citigroup posted its first profit in eight quarters and a positive economic report of leading indicators, but have since retreated. The S&P 500, NASDAQ and Russell 2000 have all made new intra-day lows...

2:18:25 PM EDT | 4/16/2010
SEC Charges Goldman Sachs with Fraud, Consumer Sentiment Weak
By Scott Hawes | At about 10:40 AM eastern the SEC announced that it charged Goldman Sachs with fraud related to the trading of sub-prime mortgage backed securities (MBS). The markets began tanking on the news sending the bank heavy S&P 500 down...

1:47:15 PM EDT | 4/15/2010
Mixed Data and Technical Levels Keep Stocks in Check
By Scott Hawes | Stocks were under pressure early this morning after higher than expected weekly jobless claims data, but the losses were erased after a very strong April Empire State Manufacturing survey...

2:08:34 PM EDT | 4/14/2010
Earnings and Economic Data Spark Stocks
By Scott Hawes | Stocks are sharply higher in mid-session trading on the heels of a trio of very strong earnings reports, coupled with stronger than forecasted retail sales and subdued inflation.

1:52:56 PM EDT | 4/13/2010
Stocks Are Teetering in Positive and Negative Territory
By Scott Hawes | The equity markets were under pressure this morning on the heels of Alcoa's disappointing Q1 top line revenue results, which kicked off earnings season on a sour note

2:06:49 PM EDT | 4/12/2010
DJIA is Trading Above 11,000
By Scott Hawes | With no U.S. economic data on the docket today, the disclosure of firmer details of Europe's standby Greece bailout package is supporting sentiment, along with a bunch of merger related news. Greece got a promise of as much as...

1:30:29 PM EDT | 4/9/2010
Stocks Boosted By Better Than Expected Wholesale Inventories
By Scott Hawes | In a real shocker this morning Fitch cut Greece's credit ratings by two notches (from BBB+ to BBB-) and signaled further downgrades are possible, citing the intensification of fiscal challenges for the country in response to more adverse prospects for economic growth and increased interest costs.

1:28:58 PM EDT | 4/8/2010
Same Store Sales Strong, Jobless Claims Weak
By Scott Hawes | The pre-markets headed lower this morning on follow through weakness from Europe and Asia, and on the heels of a larger than expected jump of 18,000 initial jobless claims to 460,000 from 442,000 (revised 3,000 higher) in the prior week. This sent the S&P 500 lower at the open by about -7 points...

2:01:40 PM EDT | 4/7/2010
Greece and Greenspan
By Scott Hawes | Risk aversion appears to be the order the day as U.S. stocks are under pressure and European stocks closed lower. The S&P 500 retreated about -9 points from its intraday high of 1,191.80 yesterday - the highest levels seen since September 2008 - before bouncing back to 1,188 in early afternoon trading. Continued chatter in Europe about Greece's debt problems...

2:32:24 PM EDT | 4/6/2010
Russell Rallies Past 700, Greek Bonds Continue to Sink
By James Brown | Stocks rallied off their morning lows and the market is currently trading near its high for the session. Yet gains are mild. Among the major averages the small cap index is showing the most strength with the Russell 2000 hitting levels not seen since September 2008 around the 700 mark. Sadly the debt crisis in Greece is still an issue in spite of the "solution" hammered out in late March. If the weakness in the Greek bond market is any indication then investors are...

12:32:16 PM EDT | 4/5/2010
Stock Market Hits New 52-week Highs
By James Brown | The rally resumed on Monday with the stock market hitting new 52-week highs. Instead of selling the news investors are buying Friday's jobs report that came in less than expected. Positive pending home sales and a better than expected ISM services number this morning helped fuel the bullish mood.

1:22:17 PM EDT | 4/1/2010
Stocks Spring Into the Second Quarter
By James Brown | Stock markets around the world are off to a strong start for the second quarter. Manufacturing data in Asia, Europe and the U.S. is fueling the rally and building investor confidence that the economic rebound is gaining traction. The ISM report this morning rose to its fastest pace in five years. The combination of rising manufacturing and a dip in the U.S. dollar is also...

2:17:19 PM EDT | 3/31/2010
ADP Employment Disappoints, Stocks To End Q1 with Gains
By James Brown | Investors continue to sit on their hands as they wait for the first quarter to end. The stock market has recovered from its morning lows but the indices are hovering near unchanged and look poised to close the quarter on a quiet note. The S&P 500 will end the quarter up 5%...

2:05:14 PM EDT | 3/30/2010
Consumer Confidence and Home Prices Improve
By James Brown | Stocks are going nowhere fast as investors run out the clock with the first quarter ending tomorrow. Volume has been very light and with stocks drifting sideways it reinforces the idea that money managers are just sitting on the hands waiting for the quarter to end. The sell-off in treasuries is pushing yields higher and if this continues...

1:31:16 PM EDT | 3/29/2010
Moscow Subway Blast Fails to Derail Stocks
By James Brown | Monday is shaping up to be a positive day for global markets in spite of a deadly suicide bombing in Moscow on Sunday. In the U.S. stocks were bouncing from Friday's close and while gains are mild the strength is very widespread. The consumer spending report came in positive for the fifth month in a row. Meanwhile euro strength is pushing the dollar lower and fueling a rally in commodities.

1:55:40 PM EDT | 3/26/2010
Q4 GDP, Consumer Sentiment, and Exploding Korean Ships!
By James Brown | Stocks are retreating from their morning highs. Financial media is suggesting that investors are selling the news that a South Korean navy ship has been sunk off the western coast of North Korean. Odds are it's just a convenient excuse to take some money off the table with stocks at overbought levels. Investors are also digesting the latest consumer sentiment numbers and the Q4 GDP revision. Meanwhile strength in the euro is driving the dollar lower

2:01:16 PM EDT | 3/25/2010
Stocks Surge On Potential Bailout for Greece
By James Brown | The March rally continues as major U.S. indices rise to new 52-week highs. Better than expected weekly jobless claims and a possible solution to the Greece debt problem helped propel stocks higher. Plus positive comments out of Best Buy and Qualcomm helped fuel bullish investor sentiment. Strength in Europe lifted the euro, which dragged on the dollar.

1:36:44 PM EDT | 3/24/2010
New Homes Sales at New Lows, Portugal Downgraded.
By James Brown | The market rally paused on Wednesday as investors digested the latest round of news coming from Europe and economic data in the U.S. New home sales continue to slip while durable goods came in better than expected. Across the Atlantic traders were spooked by a credit downgrade for the country of Portugal. This sent the euro currency to a new 10-month low against the dollar.

2:17:46 PM EDT | 3/23/2010
Stocks Shrug Off Sliding Home Sales
By James Brown | The stock market continues to climb. The S&P 500 index is inching closer to its 52-week highs from last week near the 1170 level. Traders are finally taking some money off the table in healthcare stocks with the HMO index off 0.8%. European markets turned hopeful again on a possible solution for Greece. Meanwhile commodities are ignoring dollar strength...

2:18:18 PM EDT | 3/22/2010
Stocks Rally On Healthcare Vote and Weaker Dollar
By James Brown | The stock market has rebounded off its early morning lows with losses turning into widespread gains. Investors are reacting to the healthcare vote on Sunday and they seemed relieved that it's over. Democrats managed to pull ahead with a victory on the most transformative piece of healthcare legislation in the last forty years. Meanwhile U.S. dollar weakness tried...

2:13:21 PM EDT | 3/19/2010
Greece & India Send Stocks Slipping
By James Brown | The major market indices are off their recent highs as investors hit the sell button on this quadruple-witching Friday of futures and options expiration. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has snapped an eight-day winning streak while small caps are underperforming with the Russell 2000 index off 1.3%. Investors are once again worried that the Greece debt problem is heating up. Elsewhere a surprise rate hike in India raises new concerns over the recovery...

1:42:38 PM EDT | 3/18/2010
Economic Data Benign. Yet Stocks Stall.
By James Brown | Stocks are suffering a little post-Patrick's Day hangover. Markets around the world settled in negative territory. Most of the economic data out this morning was benign but investors are still worried about Greece. This sent the euro lower and boosted the dollar. Crude oil is down 1.1% near $81.98 a barrel. Gold futures are up almost $3.00 to $1,126.90 an ounce.

2:20:55 PM EDT | 3/17/2010
Stocks Turn Green on St. Patrick's Day
By James Brown | Stocks are in a green mood this St. Patrick's day. Markets are higher around the world following the Fed's announcement yesterday. The PPI index this morning reinforced the idea that inflation is not a current threat. The dollar weakness is fueling gains across the commodity spectrum.

12:27:45 PM EDT | 3/16/2010
Rally Resumes Ahead of the Fed
By James Brown | The S&P 500 index has hit new 52-week highs as the market slowly melts higher. Investors are not waiting on the FOMC decision later this afternoon. No one expects the Federal Reserve to alter rates, currently in a range of 0.0-0.25%, so the focus will be on the Fed's statement due out around 2:15 p.m. EDT. Meanwhile the markets in Europe are bouncing as investors react...

12:40:56 PM EDT | 3/15/2010
Investors In A Cautious Mood
By James Brown | Stocks are suffering some Monday morning blahs. Better than expected economic data in the U.S. was not enough to offset a cautious mood by investors and widespread declines across most of the major world markets. Traders are in a wait-and-see mode for the Federal Reserve meeting tomorrow...

2:14:10 PM EDT | 3/12/2010
Sentiment Slips, Retail Sales Inch Higher
By James Brown | Stocks are churning sideways on Friday thanks to mixed economic data. Investors are in a wait and see mode. Better than expected retail sales offset weaker than expected consumer sentiment. Meanwhile the U.S. dollar continues to drift but offered no relief for commodities, which ticked lower...

1:53:09 PM EDT | 3/11/2010
Stocks Shrug Off Rising Inflation in China
By James Brown | Rising inflation in China spooked the market this morning but stocks are rebounding off their worst levels of the session. Investors are also digesting the latest trade numbers in the U.S. and the weekly initial jobless claims. The U.S. dollar is still drifting sideways in a narrow range. Crude oil is off about 11 cents near $81.98 a barrel.

1:48:20 PM EDT | 3/10/2010
Trying To Keep The Rally Alive
By James Brown | The tone of the market is bullish but gains for the major averages are pretty small. The Dow Industrials are fractionally lower. The S&P 500 is struggling with resistance near 1150 as expected. Meanwhile the NASDAQ composite and the Russell 2000 are trading at new 52-week highs. The U.S. dollar is drifting sideways. The early morning strength in crude oil has reversed.

12:56:39 PM EDT | 3/9/2010
Game On! The Rally Resumes.
By James Brown | Stocks continue to drift higher as traders bought the morning dip. The overall news flow is relatively quiet. A bounce in the U.S. dollar is not having much impact on commodities. Crude oil is off about 11 cents near $81.75 a barrel. Gold futures are trading near unchanged around $1,123 an ounce.

2:05:25 PM EDT | 3/8/2010
The Rally Pauses on Monday
By James Brown | Monday is shaping up to be a quiet session. The rally has paused to catch its breath after last week's sprint higher. The U.S. dollar is trading close to unchanged with little affect on commodities. Crude oil is near $81.40 a barrel while gold futures are just under $1,125 an ounce.

2:16:57 PM EDT | 3/5/2010
Houston, We Have Liftoff
By Jim Brown | The February Nonfarm Payroll report showed that the U.S. lost 36,000 jobs compared to recent estimates of 50,000-75,000 job losses. Most of the job losses were in construction and most were due to the three snowstorms that blanketed the northeast. The unemployment rate was unchanged at 9.7% and most analysts expected it to rise by several tenths. Household employment increased for the second month.

2:02:45 PM EDT | 3/4/2010
Bulls Confused But Still Buying Dips
By Jim Brown | After a rocky start to trading and a sharp drop at the open the markets have recovered to trade in the green once again. The opening dip was bought and the indexes are on the verge of moving higher after a couple hours of consolidation.

12:52:46 PM EDT | 3/3/2010
Positive Economics Boost Market
By Jim Brown | The Challenger Employment report was good news for the market this morning and suggests Friday's payroll report will not be bad. The Challenger report showed that job cuts fell to their lowest level since July 2006. Employers announced layoffs that affected 42,090 workers. This was down from 71,482 in January.

2:15:03 PM EDT | 3/2/2010
New Breakouts Across the Board
By Jim Brown | The dollar rallied overnight to 81.25 pushing oil and commodities lower in overnight trading. That reversed early this morning with the dollar index falling to 80.48 by midday and pushing commodities higher. Gold gained +19 to 1138 while oil rebounded to gain +1.86 to 80.55. That level has been resistance for more than a week and the EIA inventory report is due out tomorrow. Expectations are for a +1.5 million barrel increase and the fifth straight weekly gain.

1:07:56 PM EDT | 3/1/2010
Asian Gains Lead U.S. Markets Higher
By Jim Brown | Overnight gains in Asian markets pushed our futures higher by more than 7 points at 4:AM. China's lower manufacturing output released today was actually a relief for global investors because it meant there was less chance of China taking additional measures to slow their economy.

2:34:02 PM EDT | 2/26/2010
GDP & ISM Stronger, Consumer Sentiment & Home Sales Weaker
By James Brown | Friday is shaping up to be a quiet session but for the most part stocks are in positive territory. Stronger GDP and ISM data overshadowed unexpected declines in consumer sentiment and existing home sales. Meanwhile strength in the euro pushed the dollar lower and that's fueling gains across most of the commodity sector.

1:13:49 PM EDT | 2/25/2010
Jobless Claims Rise, Euro Falls Again
By James Brown | Nervous investors hit the "sell" button this morning and stocks spiked lower at the open on worries over the economic recovery. Another disappointing weekly jobless number, a mixed durable goods report, and escalating concerns over Greece all helped push markets lower. Meanwhile Ben Bernanke continues day two of his testimony before Congress and President Obama is currently hosting his debate over healthcare.

1:40:15 PM EDT | 2/24/2010
Bernanke Testifies, New Home Sales Plunge
By James Brown | The U.S. markets are rebounding after a volatile morning. Investors are reacting to Fed Chairman Bernanke's testimony and a record low reading on new home sales. Bernanke said the Fed will need to keep rates low to keep the economic rebound afloat. That pushed the dollar lower and gave commodities a boost. Yet it's not helping gold prices...

1:27:23 PM EDT | 2/23/2010
Consumer Confidence Crashes, Stocks Rollover
By James Brown | Home price data and earnings results this morning were all better than expected. Yet stocks are rolling over under a very disappointing consumer confidence report. Consumers' outlook on current conditions has fallen to a 27-year low. Meanwhile retailers remain cautious on their outlook for sales growth. Overall investors seem a little nervous ahead of Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke's testimony later this week.

2:23:47 PM EDT | 2/22/2010
M&A News, Earnings, and a New Healthcare Plan
By James Brown | Stocks are quietly trading sideways on Monday. Investors are not sure how to react to the various news stories crossing the wires. Bullish M&A activity was offset by lackluster earnings news and a new push by the White House on healthcare. The dollar is inching lower while commodities are mixed. Crude oil is up 28 cents to $80 a barrel.

12:58:53 PM EDT | 2/19/2010
CPI Data Helps Stocks Recover From Intraday Lows
By James Brown | Stocks did indeed spike lower this morning as investors reacted to the surprise move by the Federal Reserve last night but the weakness was short lived. Traders bought the dip and stocks are back in positive territory. The U.S. market is on track to post gains every day this week. The S&P 500 index is currently pushing past technical resistance at its 50-dma near 1,108.

12:24:08 PM EDT | 2/18/2010
Stocks React to Philly Fed, PPI, and Jobless Claim Data
By James Brown | Stocks are still inching higher as investors digest earnings from the world's largest retailer. Adding to the bullish tone was a stronger Philly Fed survey. Unfortunately the LEI data was losing steam, the PPI is rising, and weekly jobless claims were disappointing. The dollar's bounce is not having much affect on oil today but gains in the metals are mild.

1:48:02 PM EDT | 2/17/2010
Earnings and Economic Data Keep The Bounce Alive
By James Brown | Positive earnings news fueled gains around the globe. Better than expected economic data in the U.S. was welcome news. Yet the dollar's bounce is putting the brakes on the commodity bounce. Stocks appear to be losing steam as we move deeper into the session with the S&P 500 up less than five points at 1,097. Crude oil futures are up about $0.25 after yesterday's big gain. Gold futures are trading fractionally lower, down less than a $1.00 at $1,118.90 an ounce.

2:03:22 PM EDT | 2/16/2010
Earnings, Economic Data, and Euro Lift the Market
By James Brown | The market's rebound continues right on schedule. British bank Barclays reported stronger earnings giving the financial sector a boost. The economic data out of New York was better than expected. Euro strength and dollar weakness is giving commodities a big boost.

12:45:43 PM EDT | 2/12/2010
China, Eurozone, and Consumer Sentiment All Disappoint
By James Brown | Investors were shocked by news that China was raising bank reserve requirements again for the second time in a month. Combine this news with disappointing GDP data for the eurozone and a decline on U.S. consumer sentiment and it's no surprise to see stocks trading lower. The European GDP news sent the euro lower, the dollar higher, and commodities reversing lower again.

2:17:58 PM EDT | 2/11/2010
Relief Rally on Resolution for Greece Debt
By James Brown | The U.S. market is seeing a relief rally on hopes for a resolution to the Greek debt problem. Oddly enough the European markets sold off on the exact same news. Euro strength produced dollar weakness, which is lifting commodities. Crude oil is up 1.1% near $75.35 a barrel. Gold futures are up $17 to $1,093 an ounce.

1:19:35 PM EDT | 2/10/2010
Stocks Pare Morning Losses
By James Brown | Wednesday is shaping up to be another quiet session on Wall Street as the east coast is buried under a blizzard of snow. Stocks initially sank on Bernanke's comments about removing stimulus from the system. This boosted the U.S. dollar and commodity-related issues sank...

2:19:21 PM EDT | 2/9/2010
Stocks Rebound on Hopes for Greek Bailout
By James Brown | The U.S. market is bouncing on rumors that the Germany and the EU is preparing an aid package for Greece. This news boosted the oversold euro, which sent the dollar lower. Dollar weakness is feeding a widespread bounce in commodities. Crude oil is up 2.4% near $73.65 a barrel. Gold futures are up another $10 to $1,076 an ounce.

1:19:39 PM EDT | 2/8/2010
Monday Morning Blahs Have Stocks Drifting Sideways
By James Brown | Monday is turning out to be a pretty quiet day on Wall Street. There were some earnings reports this morning and some positive analyst comments giving stocks a minor boost. Investors still seem nervous over the European debt issues. A pull back in the U.S. dollar is giving commodities a bounce. Crude oil is up 84 cents near $72 a barrel. Gold futures are up more than $16 to $1,069 an ounce.

1:41:05 PM EDT | 2/5/2010
Global Markets Continue Slide, DJIA Breaks Under 10,000
By James Brown | The global sell-off continues as investors run for the weekend hoping to forget about market losses for a few hours during the Superbowl on Sunday. The official jobs report data this morning was disappointing but the loss in jobs was softened by a downtick in the unemployment rate, which fell to a five-month low. With global markets in turmoil money is seeking safety in the dollar, which is pushing commodities lower

1:12:11 PM EDT | 2/4/2010
Stocks Sink Under European Debt Worries
By James Brown | European default worries have sparked another wave of selling pressure across the global markets. A disappointing weekly jobless claim number further sapped investor confidence. Legal woes for Bank of America made headlines. The dollar's strength is crushing the commodities. Crude oil is down almost 5% near $73.25 a barrel. Gold futures are down more than 4% (-$46.40) to $1,065 an ounce.

1:55:21 PM EDT | 2/3/2010
ISM Services Disappoint. ADP Employment Improves
By James Brown | Stocks are trading in negative territory as investors react to a disappointing ISM services number. The ADP jobs report came in better than expected, which should bode well for Friday's jobs report. Meanwhile dollar strength is weighing on the commodities. Corporate earnings this morning have also been a disappointment for the market.

2:11:25 PM EDT | 2/2/2010
The Bounce Continues on Earnings News
By James Brown | Stocks continue their oversold bounce thanks to positive pending home sales numbers and a better than expected earnings report from D.R.Horton. Car-maker Ford (F) was making headlines with a 43% jump in car sales. The dollar's retreat is giving commodities another boost for the second day in a row. In other news Punxsatawney Phil, the most famous groundhog in the world, saw his shadow this morning forecasting six more weeks of winter.

2:21:31 PM EDT | 2/1/2010
ISM Improves, Stocks See Oversold Bounce
By James Brown | Stocks are bouncing from oversold levels. A stronger ISM report is offsetting poor construction spending data. A pull back in the U.S. dollar is boosting commodities. Energy stocks are seeing a strong rebound after a terrible January decline. Semiconductors are also showing relative strength with a 2.7% bounce in the SOX index. Crude oil is up 2% to $74.70 a barrel. Gold futures are up 1.9% to $1,105 an ounce.

2:35:30 PM EDT | 1/29/2010
Stocks Struggle In Spite of +5.7% GDP and Chicago PMI Improvement
By James Brown | The stock market continues to struggle in spite of better than expected economic data and impressive earnings numbers. The GDP came in a +5.7% and the Chicago PMI hit is highest levels since 2005. Yet investors are not impressed. Strength in the dollar is pressuring commodities. The UUP dollar ETF is crossing up over its simple 200-dma. Crude oil is down 25 cents near $73.40 a barrel. Gold is down $2 near $1,082 an ounce.

1:54:44 PM EDT | 1/28/2010
S&P 500 Breaks Support, Durable Goods & Jobless Claims Disappoint
By James Brown | Evidently investors were not impressed with the State of the Union address last night. Maybe the market decline is due to the disappointing durable goods orders or rising jobless claims. Or maybe it's the disappointing earnings results from QCOM. Most likely it's a combination of factors that has stocks accelerating lower. The S&P 500 has now broken support near the 1,085 level.

2:41:13 PM EDT | 1/27/2010
Fed Leaves Rates Unchanged. AAPL introduces the iPad.
By James Brown | The markets seemed nervous ahead of the FOMC decision this afternoon with stocks slowly slipping to new relative lows. The new home sales report was a disaster. Tim Geithner is getting grilled before congress. Apple Inc. finally unveils their new tablet PC. Dollar strength (not much) is putting pressure on commodities with crude oil down 1.7% near $73.40 a barrel. Gold futures are down $12 near $1,087 an ounce.

1:55:31 PM EDT | 1/26/2010
Consumer Confidence Improves, Stocks Bounce
By James Brown | The U.S. markets are bouncing off their lows of the session. Traders bought the decline this morning near the Friday lows and it's forming a very short-term technical bottom suggesting this bounce has further to go. Of course everything could change if the Fed or President Obama says something negative on Wednesday. Overall stocks are in a positive mood thanks to rising consumer confidence numbers.

2:37:54 PM EDT | 1/25/2010
Confirmation Fears Cool, Existing Home Sales Plunge
By James Brown | The U.S. markets are seeing a very minor oversold bounce after last week's plunge. The political saber rattling over Ben Bernanke's confirmation has cooled and it looks like the Fed chairman will be reconfirmed. U.S. existing home sales for December were a big disappointment and creates doubt over the strength of the recovery. The dollar is flat, which is giving commodities a chance to bounce from last week's decline.

3:05:59 PM EDT | 1/22/2010
Worst Two-Day Drop in Six Months
By James Brown | Stocks around the world continue to sink. The S&P 500's intraday bounce on Friday has failed and stocks are hitting new relative lows with the index headed for the 1,100 level. The same factors that pushed stocks lower yesterday remain in force. Obama's new proposed regulations for the banking industry, fears that China could be ready to raise interest rates in an attempt to slow down their economy, and general profit taking...

2:42:17 PM EDT | 1/21/2010
Obama's Bank Rules and China Worries Send Stocks Lower
By James Brown | The sell-off continues. Stocks plunge again for the "worst" day of this new year. The S&P 500 and the NASDAQ composite briefly traded in negative territory for the year. Once again investors are worried about China tightening its monetary policy and applying the brakes to its economy. Meanwhile Wall Street was spooked by harsh words and new regulations proposed by President Obama this morning, which sent some of the big name financials plummeting lower. Adding fuel to the fire today was a disappointing Philly Fed survey and worse than expected weekly jobless claims.

2:28:43 PM EDT | 1/20/2010
Bank Earnings Disappoint, China Spooks The Market
By James Brown | The major U.S. stock market averages are down 1.5% or more making this the worst trading day of the year! It's the biggest decline since November 2009. Yet for all the wailing and gnashing of teeth stocks have only fallen to the bottom of their recent trading range. It was a big day for bank earnings and while the results were mixed investors took a pessimistic view of the results. The real story today seems to be China.

3:08:46 PM EDT | 1/19/2010
Stocks Rally on Senate Race & Upgrades
By James Brown | It looks like the stock market bulls came back from their three-day weekend rested and ready to run. There are a lot of stories out today but the biggest driving factor for the market's rally seems to be the special election in Massachusetts to fill Senator Kennedy's seat. Polls are currently showing Republican Scott Brown ahead of Democrat Martha Coakley...

1:58:40 PM EDT | 1/15/2010
Investors Take Profits Ahead of Long Weekend
By James Brown | The U.S. markets are closed this coming Monday and investors are taking profits ahead of the long weekend. Traders were disappointed by JPM's sharp increase in loan loss reserves and cautious comments from CEO Jamie Dimon. Economic data out this morning was mixed with improving manufacturing data offset by negative consumer sentiment numbers. Investors were also selling the news in shares of Intel following last night's earnings report. There appears to be a flight to safety with a rally in bonds and the U.S. dollar.

2:22:06 PM EDT | 1/14/2010
Minor Gains Ahead of Intel's Earnings
By James Brown | The major indices are seeing relatively minor gains in a quiet session as investors wait for Intel's earnings report tonight. Investors digested a handful of economic data while President Obama voiced his desire to tax the biggest banks. The dollar's decline was fueling a small bounce for commodities yet energy and mining stocks are lower on the session.

2:33:57 PM EDT | 1/13/2010
Traders Buy The Dip. S&P Over 1140, NASDAQ Above 2300.
By James Brown | The market rally continues. Tuesday was the first decline of the year for the S&P 500. Traders bought the dip but there was some uncertainty this morning. Investors had a lot of stories to sift through. Google might leave China. Bankers were questioned in Washington. Oil inventories and mortgage application data was released. Yesterday afternoon the capital of Haiti suffered the worst earthquake in 100 years.

2:23:53 PM EDT | 1/12/2010
China Tightens, Alcoa Plunges, Stocks Reverse
By James Brown | Stocks are trading near their lows for the session as the market suffers a widespread decline. China made headlines with an unexpected move to tighten monetary policy. Combined with a disappointing earnings report from Alcoa (AA) last night and investors used it as a cue to sell. A dip in the dollar offered no boost to commodities.

2:21:31 PM EDT | 1/11/2010
Early Morning Gains Reverse. Investors Wait for Alcoa.
By James Brown | Stocks rallied early this morning on very strong import and export numbers from China this weekend. Yet the market is paring its gains as investors wait for Dow-component Alcoa (AA) to launch earnings season when it reports after the closing bell tonight. Wall Street expects AA to report a profit of 6 cents per share. The average analyst price target for AA is $16. Alcoa hit new 52-week highs this morning at $17.60. Meanwhile...

11:41:13 AM EDT | 1/8/2010
December Lost 85,000 Jobs
By James Brown | The stock market is off to a rocky session after a very disappointing jobs report but bulls are not giving up without a fight. Most of the major indices are rebounding from their intraday lows. The NASDAQ composite is showing relative strength with a gain and the Dow Transportation index is shooting higher with a 1.3% rally...

2:33:16 PM EDT | 1/7/2010
Retail Sales & Initial Claims Fail To Move the Market
By James Brown | The stock market is bouncing off its morning lows but gains are mild and stocks are mostly drifting sideways. Better retail sales data and initial weekly jobless claims are not having an impact as the world waits for tomorrow's jobs report. The U.S. dollar is seeing a minor bounce and commodities are producing a minor decline.

2:48:45 PM EDT | 1/6/2010
ISM Services and ADP Employment Reports Fail to Impress
By James Brown | Wednesday is shaping up to be a quiet session for stocks. The ISM services report and ADP data were not enough to shake investors' focus on Friday's jobs report. Meanwhile a decline in the dollar is giving commodities a boost. A volatile overnight session in crude oil has turned into a rally. While gold futures are surging over $20 to $1,139 an ounce. The GLD gold ETF is breaking out past technical resistance with a 1.7% gain.

2:47:28 PM EDT | 1/5/2010
Major Averages Retreat on Lousy Home Sales Data
By James Brown | Stocks have given up their early gains as traders take profits on mixed economic data out today. Improving factory orders were overshadowed by a lousy pending home sales report for November. A bounce in the dollar is taking a bite out of the commodity strength at least here in the U.S. Crude oil futures are up about 10 cents near $81.62 a barrel.

2:37:05 PM EDT | 1/4/2010
A Strong Start to 2010
By James Brown | Stocks are off to a strong start for the year. The major U.S. indices are hitting new 52-week highs on positive economic data both here in the U.S. and in China. A decline in the U.S. dollar is fueling gains in commodity-related stocks. Crude oil is breaking out past $80. Overall it's a widespread rally with the RLX retail sector the only index not in positive territory.

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