Everyone must have been looking north for an early glimpse of Santa's sleigh because nobody was watching the market.

The market is closed on Friday so we are skipping the normal Thursday update tonight and will publish a full newsletter this weekend. There wasn't much happening on Thursday and even though it was a full day of trading the volume was barely 4.5 billion shares across all markets.

The indexes finished flat with only the Dow ending in the green. Losses were low single digits on the other indexes. It was just a case of a few traders taking profits before the long weekend.

Since the next email you see from Option Investor will be after Christmas I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy holiday. We really do appreciate your continued support.

I am sure you have seen the advertisements for the End of Year Renewal Special. We run that special in late December every year. We offer a package of newsletters at the absolute lowest price of the entire year.

I just take it for granted everyone knows about each newsletter because we have offered the package for the last 11 years. However, I have been getting some emails from customer service with questions from readers on the individual newsletters.

I am going to take this opportunity to briefly describe each newsletter in the package. That way you can decide if that trading style is something that would work for you.

Option Investor is of course the flagship product and it deals primarily in providing insightful market commentary from a variety of writers, weekly education features in the Traders Corner and Option 101 and recommended option plays using long calls and long puts.

Option Investor was started in 1997 and has won critical recognition over the years including a Forbes Best of the Web. Many of our subscribers have been with us since the late 1990s and that is a testament to our newsletter quality.

Another newsletter in the package is the LEAPS Trader. This newsletter is a long only strategy that focuses on long term LEAP Calls and Puts. The concept of the LEAPS strategy is to profit from the long-term movement in a stock without incurring any material risk. With LEAPS you can typically invest $3 to $6 in an option and that is your total risk in the trade. If the stock drops $20 on bad news your risk is limited to the price you paid for the option plus you have a year or more in time for the stock to recover. A LEAP call is a bullish strategy while a LEAP put is a bearish strategy.

Option Writers is a newsletter that specializes on collecting premiums by selling cash secured puts on high volatility stocks. This strategy carries more risk than buying long calls and puts but provides a little more excitement and a quick turnaround on the trades. We are rarely in a trade more than two weeks and we try to capture $1.00 to $1.50 or more from each position and then exit gracefully. I have recently instituted some new strategies including longer-term plays and some optional aggressive positions. The Option Writer has posted positive gains for 13 of the last 17 months since I began calling the plays in August 2009. This included the very volatile market period in May-Aug this year. Link to historical results

The Couch Potato Trader is a newsletter that caters to traders who don't like to trade. By using non directional strategies and implementing different combinations of spread trades Gregory Clay puts on positions that don't have to be monitored daily and generate profits when the markets trade in a broad range. Gregory uses various spreads including iron condors to target positions where 80% of the options expire worthless each month. This is for traders tired of fighting the markets intraday volatility and want to put on trades and wait for time to work in your favor.

Premier Investor is a newsletter for traders on a budget looking for low dollar and low volatility stock and option trades. We have quite a few subscribers to Premier that don't watch the markets during the day and are looking for a way to profit from the story stocks and longer-term trends. Some recent plays have been Alaska Air, Microsoft and Sara Lee among others. If you are looking for a little less volatility then Premier is the ticket.

Also offered at a discounted price with the end of year special is my daily Oil Slick newsletter. Everyone knows I believe we are nearing the end of cheap oil and our world will be a vastly different place in the next couple years. The best way to survive high gasoline prices is to invest for the future today using the energy stocks that will benefit most from the return to triple digit oil. You don't have to believe in peak oil to profit from the move in the energy markets. Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and others are predicting prices as high as $120 in 2011 and $150 in 2012. Properly positioned investors can win big by investing ahead of these events. I use every available strategy in the Oil Slick plays. We use long stock positions, long calls, long LEAPS, short and long puts and occasionally trade in the crude E-mini futures. Oil Slick caters to all account sizes and strategies.

Even with the $20 drop in crude prices in May and the havoc in the energy sector created by the BP disaster the newsletter has been very profitable over the last year. Link to 2010 Closed Plays Our current portfolio is up even more than the plays we have already closed. When gasoline is $6 a gallon don't be cussing yourself at every fill-up because you did not subscribe to the Oil Slick newsletter.

For one low price of $1.36 per day you will get:

Option Investor
Premier Investor
Option Writer
LEAPS Trader
Couch Potato Trader

The Oil Slick newsletter is optional and offered at a 25% discount.

I am also offering two additional bonus reports. I believe 2011 will be a strong year for stocks. Because of that I am offering the "Top Ten List of ETF Recommendations for 2011" and my "Top Ten Stocks Under $10 for 2011" along with those newsletters above.

You can read about the entire offer here: Offer Description

Don't wait until the last minute to take advantage of the End of Year Special. Put Option Investor on your holiday shopping list and reward yourself with the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read Option Investor every day. Everyone at Option Investor works hard at producing the best publication of its kind. In today's web environment it is common to be inundated with market news and stock stories. Unfortunately most are compiled by reporters getting paid by the hour to slam two pages of one-liners together and call it a market wrap. It has no relevance to the trading day ahead. Keene Little, Leigh Stevens, Todd Shriber and myself spend many hours every day scouring the news and analyzing the markets. The 4,000 words or so we put in print that day is what we feel you need to know for the day ahead.

We are always available to the readers to answer questions and to take criticism if we did something wrong. You can always email me because the buck stops here.

This short update tonight ran a little longer than I planned. I would just like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas from everyone at Option Investor.

Jim Brown

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