Yesterday my "inner self" told me the bullish trend would continue, and I exited the SPX Call Credit Spread prematurely.

In the article I published yesterday, I mentioned that I was fearful the continued upwards movement would move against the SPX Call Credit Spread for this week's cycle. This "fear", and my intuition, led me to an early exit for breakeven, rather than keeping with my trade plan to exit at target gain, or max loss.

In that same article, I mentioned that more aggressive traders may have chosen to stay in the position; which would have been the right move. As of this writing (2 pm EST Tuesday), the position could have been exited for target gain. I was never at the planned max loss, so not really in any danger since trade entry. I've learned, however, that hindsight can be very detrimental to a trader's emotions. The reason for this short post is just to say that while I am disappointed that I veered off my trade plan and left $$$ on the table that would have been my gain, I am also feeling that I practiced good risk management when I felt there could have been a move that would severely affect the position in a negative manner.

If anyone chose to stay in and was able to close for target today, I'd love to hear from you, and GREAT JOB! For the rest of us, Friday is another trade entry, we practiced cash preservation, and am just moving forward.

As always, stay keen on your risk management and trade carefully,

Happy Fourth of July!

Dot Hazlin