Open Position: SPX Iron Condor for August 5 Cycle closed .

Further to my post earlier this morning, the SPX Iron Condor position was closed this morning at 9:50 am Eastern. The debit to close the trade filled at 1.00, which resulted in a net gain after commissions of $37, or 4.3% on actual margin. There could be additional theta to improve the gain throughout the day today if the market stays calm, but for me I would rather exit for a small gain rather than risk it turning into a losing position.

Given the intra-day volatility the last few days and the barrage of potential market-moving events, I am pleased with the results of the trade this week.

I may sit on the sidelines for the September 1 cycle; but will decide tomorrow. I will post trade entry details if/when a position is entered tomorrow.

Stay keen on your risk management and trade carefully,

Dot Hazlin