Open Position update: IWM January Iron Condor and SPX Weekly Credit Spread for December

1) IWM January Iron Condor

IWM closed yesterday at 110.09. This January position is currently -$3.55. We would welcome a rally to help the position; but it is very early in the cycle with 34 days until expiration. The short put strike at 106 is still 4 points away from the underlying; so no adjustment is needed at this particular point in time.

IWM January Iron Condor

2) SPX Weekly Call Credit Spread for December

Below is the open weekly position as of the close yesterday:

SPX December Weekly Credit Spread:

SPX closed yesterday at 1775.32, 45 points from the short call strike of 1820. The position is currently +$37.52. Our target gain remains at $67.50. I have a "good to cancel" order in to close the position for .20, which would be a gain of $70 before commissions.

An update will be posted early next week.

As always, stay keen on your risk management and trade carefully,

Dot Hazlin