SPX Weekly Trade Entry for January 1

Santa Claus may have arrived a bit late, but it appears the rally is in full force, at least for the short term. The next weekly trade entry is scheduled for Thursday, December 26. As of this writing, the 20 Day EMA is 1798.84, so it is most likely this week's trade will be a put credit spread.

I will look for a spread with the short put delta of -.15 or less, and a minimum credit of $.75. Weekly jobless claims is being released at 8:30, so I will wait out the first hour as usual before entering.

Trade entry details will be posted when the position is entered. I will be travelling on Thursday, so may not be able to post immediately after the trade is entered, depending on my internet access. I will publish the trade at the earliest opportunity and thank you all in advance for your understanding.

Once again, I want to extend my sincere wishes to all for a safe and happy Holiday!

Dot Hazlin