Open Position update: IWM March Iron Condor and SPX Weekly Credit Spread for February 4.

1) IWM March Iron Condor

IWM closed yesterday at 115.66. This position is currently -$40.48. As I wrote last week, this adjusted position will remain open as long as IWM remains in between the short strikes (119 Calls and 110 Puts), and the pre-set max loss of $63 is not reached.

IWM March Iron Condor

2) SPX Weekly Put Credit Spread for February 4

Below is the open weekly position as of the close yesterday:

SPX February 4 Weekly Credit Spread:

SPX closed Friday at 1836.25, 41 points from the short put strike of 1795. The position is currently +$27.54. Our target gain remains at $60.00. I have a "good to cancel" order in to close the position for .20, which would the target gain on this position before commissions.

The 6 month chart of SPX is shown below indicating the strikes for the current position:

SPX 6 Month Chart:

An update will be posted early next week.

As always, stay keen on your risk management and trade carefully,

Dot Hazlin