RUT October Iron Condor Closed within a hair of target, close enough!

This monthly position closed a short while ago as follows:

- CLOSED RUT October 1160 Calls.

- CLOSED RUT October 1210 Calls.

- CLOSED RUT October 1110 Puts.

- CLOSED RUT October 1060 Puts.

Closing order executed as a single order: BUY " Iron Condor" .

Net Debit to Close Iron Condor: $12.30 (all four legs)

Summary of position fills:

Credit to Enter Iron Butterfly: $29.70

Debit for Adjustment #1: $ 9.75

Debit for Adjustment #2: $ 5.20

Debit to Close Position: $12.30

Net Gain: $ 2.45

This gain of $245 represents 4.9% of the gross margin of $5,000, just shy of target of 5% but close enough for me not to want to pass it up and risk another overnight move against the trade.

It is recommended for anyone in this position live to exit if the gain is 4% or greater, and consider that achieving target, especially after multiple adjustments and only 10 days in the trade. I would consider that a gift since the trade went against us on the very first day.

As always, stay keen on your risk management and trade carefully,

Dot Hazlin