The RUT monthly Iron Butterfly guidelines were most recently updated and published October 22, 2014.

The article posted earlier today with the January RUT Iron Butterfly entry inadvertently had the incorrect date of the most recent guidelines for this monthly strategy. They were updated and posted on October 22, 2014, and the link can be found here:Link to Articles

RUT is bumping up against the 1190 resistance level, but at this point I am not planning to adjust the trade today. As outlined in the guidelines, it is recommended not to adjust on the day of entry unless the trade is in serious trouble. The extra long call is helping keep the T +0 line smooth as expected. The position is still flat delta and about breakeven. If RUT continues up tomorrow, the upside adjustment may be needed.

Update will be posted as appropriate, and I apologize for any confusion on the dates for the most recent guidelines.

As always, stay keen on your risk management and trade carefully, Dot Hazlin