RUT February Iron Condor Adjustment #2 filled.

Adjustment filled for $8.25 debit. RUT was at approximately 1195.50 when the order filled.

A summary of the position since entering is as follows:

This monthly position was opened Tuesday, January 20; trade details are:

Original Position:

SOLD RUT February 1170 Call.

BOUGHT RUT February 1220 Call.

SOLD RUT February 1170 Put.

BOUGHT February 1120 Put.

Net Credit (all four legs): 36.50

BOUGHT February 1270 call (to cut deltas): $.90 Debit

Adjustment #1 to Upside January 22:

BOUGHT RUT February 1170 Call.

SOLD RUT February 1220 Call.

SOLD RUT February 1190 Call.

BOUGHT RUT February 1240 Call.

Net Debit (all four legs): $7.40

Adjustment #2 to Upside January 26:

BOUGHT RUT February 1190 Call.

SOLD RUT February 1240 Call.

SOLD RUT February 1210 Call.

BOUGHT RUT February 1260 Call.

Net Debit (all four legs): 8.25

The position is now a 40 point wide Iron Condor, with the short call strike at 1210, and the short put at the original strike of 1170.

The graph of the adjusted position is below:

RUT February Iron Condor after adjustment #2:

The trade guidelines were most recently published on October 22, 2014, and can be found here:Link to Articles

Trade updates will be posted as appropriate.

As always, stay keen on your risk management and trade carefully,

Dot Hazlin