RUT March Iron Butterfly Closed for Target.

The closing order for the March Iron Butterfly filled a short while ago, the gain on this position was $250 or 5% of the gross margin, and target for the trade.

A summary of the position is below:

Original Position Entered February 17:

- SOLD RUT March 1220 Calls, $25.80 Credit.

- BOUGHT RUT March 1270 Calls, $4.80 Debit.

- SOLD RUT March 1220 Puts, $22.90 Credit.

- BOUGHT March 1170 Puts, $9.60 Debit.

Order was filled as an "Iron Condor" for $34.30 net credit (all four legs).

BOUGHT RUT March 1300 Call.

Call order was filled for $1.40 debit

Closing Order Filled February 23:

BOUGHT RUT March 1220 Call, $20.80 debit.

SOLD RUT March 1270 Call, $2.55 credit.

BOUGHT RUT March 1220 Put, $20.50 debit.

SOLD RUT March 1170 Put, $7.40 credit

Net Debit (all four legs:): $31.35

SOLD RUT March 1300 Call.

Net Credit: $.95.

Position updates will be posted as appropriate.

As always, stay keen on your risk management and trade carefully,

Dot Hazlin