Today's bullish price action leading up the FOMC announcement knocked us out of the November SPY position, and the stop loss limit order executed and filled a short while ago.

The closing order executed as follows:

- BOUGHT SPY November 210 Call, 1.64 Debit.

- SOLD SPY November 215 Call, $.27 Credit.

- BOUGHT SPY November 188 Put, $.23 Debit.

- SOLD SPY November 183, $.13 Credit.

Closing order executed as a single order: BUY " Iron Condor" .

Net Debit to Close Iron Condor: $1.47 (all four legs).

Net Credit to Enter Iron Condor (Opened October 12): $.85 (all four legs).

Loss of ($62) or 15%, which represented max loss for the trade.

As always, stay keen on your risk management and trade carefully,

Dot Hazlin