RUT December Iron Condor Adjustment #3 Filled.

The third upside adjustment for the December RUT position filled for 8.65. Adjustment details are:

BOUGHT RUT December 1180 Call, 20.75 debit.

SOLD RUT December 1230 Call, 2.35 credit.

SOLD RUT December 1200 Call, 10.60 credit.

BOUGHT RUT December 1250 Call, .85 debit.

Net debit (all four legs): $8.65

The graph of the adjusted position is below:

RUT December Iron Condor after adjustment #3:

The position summary after the adjustment is as follows:

SHORT December 1200 Call

LONG December 1250 Call

SHORT December 1140 Put

LONG December 1090 Put

LONG December 1235 Call

The position is now a 60 point wide Iron Condor.

There are no further adjustments recommended for this trade; the position will be closed at target gain, max loss, or either short strike.

Trade updates will be posted as appropriate.

As always, stay keen on your risk management and trade carefully,

Dot Hazlin