SPY July Iron Condor Stop Loss Hit

This morning's continued "Brexit"-induced selloff caused our stop loss to be hit on the July SPY Iron Condor position, and the position was closed as follows:

- BOUGHT SPY July 217 Call, .03 Debit.

- SOLD SPY July 222 Call, .02 Credit.

- BOUGHT SPY July 201 Put, 3.85 Debit.

- SOLD SPY July 196 Put, 2.36 Credit.

Closing order executed as a single order: BUY " Iron Condor" .

Net Debit to Close Iron Condor: $1.50 (all four legs).

Net Credit to Enter Iron Condor (Opened June 6): $.82 (all four legs).

(Loss) of -$68, 16% of the margin.

We have had an excellent track record on SPY, this is only the second loss we have had this year.

As always, stay keen on your risk management and trade carefully,

Dot Hazlin