New Trade Entry: RUT Put Credit Spread for December 15; order filled.

Order executed for this new "test kitchen" position:

SOLD RUT December 15 1400 Put, 9.85 credit.

BOUGHT RUT December 15 1370 Put, 7.20 debit.

Order was filled as an "Iron Condor" for $2.65 net credit (all four legs).

Margin/Risk is calculated by the width of the wings ($3,000), less credit received.

Margin/Risk for this week's trade: $2,735.

Trade Management:

The trade is left in play to work until:

1) If the loss reaches $250, the position is closed.

2) When the next monthly cycle is at the 65 days to expiration window, the position is closed. This would be approximately November 14.

Below is the risk graph of this week's position as shown on my broker's platform:

RUT December 15 Put Credit Spread:

Below is the RUT chart showing the short strike:

RUT 6 month chart

Trade updates will be posted as appropriate.

As always, stay keen on your risk management and trade carefully,

Dot Hazlin