Editor's Note:

The U.S. market's major indices (S&P500, NASDAQ, $RUT) are still trading under bearish resistance and trendlines of lower highs. While December is normally a bullish time of year for stocks there is no guarantee we'll see a Santa Claus rally this year. I remain cautious on adding new positions but if bulls can power stocks past resistance then it could signal a new run higher.

Instead of listing new trades tonight we have added new candidates to the watch list section just in case the market does rally.

As I search for potential stocks to trade sometimes I come across possible candidates that do not have LEAP options available. While these do not qualify for this newsletter I thought readers might find them interesting and take a look.

(Potential Bullish Candidates that do not have LEAPS)


Most of these have been consolidating sideways. Some of them still need to breakout past resistance before I would consider them possible buys.