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Editor's Note:

(September 20, 2015)

Investors seem disappointed that the Federal Reserve did not raise rates on Thursday. If the Fed is worried so much about a slowdown in China and emerging markets then maybe investors should be too. There are pundits on the other side of this idea suggesting that we should be happy with the market's reaction because it would have been worse if the Fed had raised rates.

One thing most seem to agree on is that the Fed's decision to wait has generated a lot more uncertainty on when the Fed will actually take the plunge and raise rates. Unfortunately there is nothing more the market hates worse than uncertainty.

In tonight's market commentary I shared how the calendar is not kind to stocks in late September. Historically the next three weeks tend to be the worst performing weeks of the year. Investors should prepare for another market pullback. If the market does decline then we want to use it to our advantage. Tonight I have added three new buy-the-dip candidates to the watch list (CRM, RCL, and SBUX).

Last week we saw LGF graduate from our watch list to our active play list.

No radar screen tonight. Prepare for a pullback. Hopefully the August lows will hold as support.