The S&P failed to set a new high on Friday but it also failed to post a material decline.

The Dow, S&P, Russell 3000 ($RUA) and Vanguard Total Market Index (VTI) are all at new highs but the Nasdaq Composite, Nasdaq 100, Russell 2000 and NYSE Composite are all well below their prior highs. The market is churning slowly upward as portfolio managers chase performance. While it could continue there is always a risk of a reversal ahead of the normal seasonal weakness in Aug/Sept.

Current Position Changes

GILD - Gilead Sciences

The long call position was opened on Monday at $86.56.

JUNO - Juno Therapeutics

The long call position was opened on Wednesday at $34.84.

Stop Loss Updates

Check the portfolio graphic for any new stop losses in bright yellow. We need to always be prepared for an unexpected decline. Any lines in gray were previously closed.

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