Editor's Note:

The stock market looks a little tired after last week's impressive rally. While I believe the trend is up that doesn't mean stocks aren't poised to dip first before continuing their ascent. Readers may want to take a buy-the-dip approach. Just be aware that the 1150 level could be very tough resistance for the S&P 500 index to break.

I am not adding any new candidates tonight but here's a list of stocks I would be watching:

BBOX could be a bullish candidate on a dip or bounce near what should be support at $30.00.

FISV has rallied to major resistance near $50.00. A breakout past $50.00 or its 2009 high at $50.91 could be a bullish entry point.

JNPR has rallied to new 52-week highs. The stock looks a little overbought with its three-week rally. I would watch it for another bounce from $28.00.

SIG has a bullish trend and it is trying to hold its recent breakout over the $30.00 level. Readers may want to consider buying the next bounce from $29.00.

VZ has been under performing for most of 2010 but the stock is bouncing from the bottom of its trading range. Today's move over $29.40 actually looks like an aggressive, short-term bullish entry point. Just keep in mind that the $30 level and the 50 and 200-dma could be overhead resistance. I'd consider a target near $32.00.