Editor's Note:

No new trades tonight.

The U.S. markets are closed tomorrow for the Thanksgiving holiday. The stock market will reopen on Friday but it will close early (1:00 pm EST). Trading volume on Friday will be extremely low with most market participants on vacation until Monday.

There will be no newsletter tomorrow night.

We will be back this weekend with our normal schedule.

If you are in America, enjoy the holiday.

Surprise your family and friends with some Thanksgiving trivia:

What year was the first Thanksgiving?
(answer: 1621)

Who did the Pilgrims invite to the feast?
(answer: local Indians)

How long did it take before Thanksgiving became an annual tradition?
(answer: more than 200 year later in 1863)

How long did the first Thanksgiving last?
(answer: three days)

Did the first Thanksgiving have turkey on the menu?
(answer: no)

Which U.S. President declared the first national Thanksgiving holiday?
(answer: George Washington)

Which President made Thanksgiving an annual holiday?
(answer: Abraham Lincoln)

Which President started the tradition of pardoning a turkey?
(answer: George H.W. Bush, in 1989)

Learn more about Thanksgiving at History.com