Editor's Note

It is not showing up in the VIX but the market is becoming increasingly volatile. We are seeing big swings in the indexes from day to day, positive and negative. That is a sign of investor indecision and a lack of conviction. This was the last major week for the Q3 earnings cycle and there are a lot of conflicting internals. The A/D line on the S&P has been dead flat for the last week and the Nasdaq and S&P are struggling to hold their gains while the Dow is surging. Eventually they will all agree on a direction and since there are about 3,000 more stocks in the S&P and Nasdaq than the Dow, I would believe their market direction indicators rather than the 30 Dow stocks. I researched charts for several hours tonight but there was nothing screaming buy me. The market is too calm despite the mixed indexes. I am recommending we wait until Monday before adding additional risk.


No New Bullish Plays


No New Bearish Plays