Editor's Note

With decliners outpacing advancers in the small cap indexes, any gains could be minimal. We are seeing our positions picked off one by one as the decliners continue to be in the majority in the small cap space. I do not want to just keep adding positions hoping tomorrow will be different. The S&P, Nasdaq and Russell all struggled today with a total loss of -0.13 points if you add all three together. Yes, the Dow was up again. The top five Dow stocks contributed 140 Dow points and that accounted for the closing gain. The futures are up +4 as I type this so Friday could be a different day. However, they were down -4 last night and they reversed into a gain by the open. There is no reason to add new plays with increased volatility at market highs just because it is a newsletter day.


No New Bullish Plays


No New Bearish Plays