Editor's Note

The positive sentiment from last week has calmed to the point Monday was the lowest volume of the year. Only 6.1 billion shares traded. There is no reason to rush into the market as the indexes chip away at overhead resistance. That is probably the wrong word since the 34 points on the S&P between today's close and the prior high does not really contain any material resistance. This is just open ground that the index needs to cover. You can tell by the 3-point gain today that investors are not racing to be invested before that prior high is reached. With earnings expected to be negative and geopolitical headlines swirling there is no need to put more money at risk. The overall market is positive with internals greatly improved but we are at risk for a sell the news event at the prior high and/or the announcement of a trade deal. Just be patient and wait for a buying opportunity.


New positions are only added on Wednesday and Saturday except in special circumstances.


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