Editor's Note: Good Evening. I had an emergency today and was not able to write updates for our model portfolio. I did keep tabs on our positions and QSFT was closed as it opened at $19.54 which was above our target to exit positions. We gained +2.84% on the trade and I will post this as a closed trade tomorrow. Our short positions in BNS and IWM reversed below our stops so they appear to be at the correct level. We are looking for a move lower in these positions in the coming days. I would like to add a target on IWM at $63.50 which is just above the stock's 200-day SMA. This is certainly a good place to tighten stops if IWM trades down there in the coming days. For BNS, I would also like to add a target of $47.40 which is a prior resistance level that should act as support if BNS trades down to this level. This is also just above the stock's 20-day SMA. For our new NOG play I would like to lower the entry to the 20-day SMA at $13.60.

Current Portfolio: