This networking company has scheduled a press conference for March 9th when they will announce a breakthrough that will "forever change the Internet."


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Company Description:

Cisco Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures and sells Internet protocol (IP)-based networking and other products related to the communications and information technology (IT) industry, and provides services associated with these products and their use. The Company provides a line of products for transporting data, voice, and video within buildings, across campuses, and around the world. Its products are designed to transform how people connect, communicate and collaborate. The Company’s products are installed at enterprise businesses, public institutions, telecommunications companies, commercial businesses and personal residences.

Why We Like It:
Cisco is on the verge of breakout out to a new high on the rebound in the tech sector. Next week, March 9th, Cisco is going to make an announcement that "will change the Internet forever." Their words, not mine. Analysts believe it will be some form of super fast broadband or ultra high-speed system for Internet traffic.

Google recently unveiled plans for its own ultra fast network but my money is on Cisco. Google promised to deliver Internet service at up to 100 times faster than most users have today. I doubt Cisco will let Google beat them and Google does have a nasty habit of announcing products that never appear.

The FCC is presenting a plan to Congress on March 17th that calls for 100 million homes to have access to 100-Megabit per second speeds by 2020. Most cable broadband uses have 2-Megabit speeds today so that would be a major upgrade.

Verizon already offers 50-Megabits on its FiOS wireline network and has tested 100-Megabit speeds.

All of these offerings and tests provide a threshold that Cisco will have to beat if they are going to "forever change the Internet." Let's hope they really pull a fast rabbit out of their announcement hat.

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