Editor's Note:

No new trades tonight.

Stocks could be volatile as they react to earnings from Google (GOOG) and Citigroup (C). GOOG reported a very strong quarter tonight. A lot of traders were leaning the wrong way and now GOOG is up +50 points after hours and nearing the $600 level. This could be bullish for the high-profile NASDAQ names.

Meanwhile Citigroup reports tomorrow morning. They are an extremely large financial company but they don't have the same strength that JPM does. C's results could disappoint. Thus the action tomorrow could be very sector specific.

If you are looking for a trade here is what's on my watch list:

AAPL - aggressive traders could buy AAPL on a breakout to a new all-time past $365.00. Shares are already overbought and due for a correction but that doesn't mean they can't get more overbought. Earnings are next week so you'd only have a few days if you plan to exit prior to earnings.

PRGO - Shares have been showing relative strength and set a new closing high today. I would be seriously tempted to buy calls right now and target a move to $100. If stocks dip tomorrow then look for a dip or a bounce near $90.00 as an even better looking entry point.

PVH - This shirt maker rallied to new all-time, record highs today. Aggressive traders may want to buy calls now. I'd prefer to see another dip or a bounce near $70.00.

GLD - gold is in rally mode and breaking out to new highs. A dip back to $152 or $150 on the GLD might be a bullish entry point.

If you're looking for bearish candidates then consider these symbols: ESRX, LIFE, GS, and RIG under $60.00.

- James