Editors Note:

My parents taught me that playing in traffic was dangerous. When I grew up I thought I knew better.

When I started my trading career I thought I was nimble enough to dodge all the bad news and unexpected market events. I quickly learned that playing in the market traffic was definitely dangerous to my financial health.

The Dow declined -295 and the Nasdaq -103 on basically no news. Oil prices were crashing and they are still falling overnight. Analysts were scratching their heads trying to find one answer to the market decline. Unfortunately, markets sometimes decline on their own without some clear reason.

With banks going to zero in Europe, energy and mining companies nearing bankruptcy, economic reports hitting post crisis lows and a the new Zika virus causing panic in the south, it is probably in our best interest not to play in this market traffic.

I am not recommending any new plays today.


No New Bullish Plays


No New Bearish Plays