Editors Note:

Making money in the market means making smart decisions. Sometimes that means staying out of the market. In the current environment the market "should" maintain a positive bias through Friday. The first three days of next week are a tossup but the last two days have a very good chance of posting losses. Once we enter January the odds of a significant decline increase sharply.

This is not a trading newsletter. There is nothing I can recommend today that we buy for a potential 3-4 day gain and then exit. The odds of a gain the rest of the week are only slightly better than 50:50. We should not trade unless there is a better chance of a longer term move. Option premiums decrease every day that the underlying stock does not rise. We do not want to buy a depreciating asset when the market is heading into a potential decline 7-10 days from now. Be patient. There is a buying opportunity ahead.


No New Bullish Plays


No New Bearish Plays