Editors Note:

With only 7 trading days left in 2017, we need to be patient as the year draws to a close. Futures are up +6 on the tax vote and anticipation of the measure becoming law. That means lower taxes in 2018 and no reason for investors to rush to sell in 2017. There may be some tax selling to offset losing positions but it should not be heavy. There is a real risk of a decline in early January. I see no justification to adding new plays just so they can be stopped out 8 trading days from now. With the futures up +6 almost anything we added would receive a bad fill at Wednesday's open. We already have longs that will benefit from continued gains and we have some ETF puts that will benefit from a market decline. There is no reason to add more risk today.


No New Bullish Plays


No New Bearish Plays