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Active investors and traders like yourself have been reading the Option Investor Daily newsletter for years. We know you are looking for a way to out perform the market and using options can be a very effective tool in every investors' portfolio. Yet before you trade successful investors need to know what's happening in the markets and what to watch for in the days ahead. That's why you need the Option Investor Daily's insightful market commentary and analysis to keep you informed of what's really moving stocks. Once informed you can choose from our suggested options plays to capture stock fluctuations with call or put options.

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Opportunity! Today's active investor has more opportunity and freedom to chart their own financial course than ever before. Yet navigating the market's volatile ups and downs can be challenging. That's why discerning traders are turning to the Premier Investor newsletter with its perceptive market commentary and analysis. Veteran investors know it's crucial to stay on top of the market while looking ahead to potential market moving events and turning points. Plus, readers to the Premier Investor newsletter benefit from our suggested stocks picks that show you exactly what, where and how traders can capture short-term trends and explosive breakouts.

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All Option Strategies Used, Longer Hold Time Using Special Situation Stocks - In today's volatile market a buy and hold investor is more accurately described as a buy and hope investor. Volatility can be a bad thing for some option traders but it can also present some spectacular opportunities. Volatility can knock you out of carefully crafted positions and produce expensive losses. However, buying certain stocks after a volatility event sometimes produces an outstanding trade. Volatility can come from an earnings miss, a guidance warning, broker downgrade, etc or it can come from a sector event where some other stock in the sector falls off the cliff and drags the sector down with it. Buyouts in the sector, rumors of buyouts or even failed buyouts all produce volatility events that can be used to our advantage.

All Investing Strategies - Because the plays to be profiled in Ultimate Investor can be from weeks to months in duration the option strategies used will cover all the available investing options. We can do simple long calls and puts, covered calls, simple spreads, cash secured puts, stocks or even futures if the right setup appears. There is no strict focus like we have in some of our other newsletters. This newsletter will focus on making money any way possible with a minimum of risk. No two plays are alike so we should not be locked into a simple long option strategy. Subscribers don't have to have a big account to utilize these strategies. Some may require the ability to sell a put to maximize the returns but I will attempt to profile the trades in such a way to offer alternatives to a specific recommendation for those without option writing capability.

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LEAPS, Long-term Equity Anticipation Securities, are very long- term options that allow traders to profit from moves in the stock price for only a fraction of the investment and risk of owning stock. LEAPS typically require an investment equal to 10% of the stock price or less. This increased leverage comes with a significant decrease in risk compared to outright stock ownership. LEAPS are safer than normal equity options due to their longer time horizon and lend themselves to several risk reduction strategies while offering significant upside returns. LEAPS Trader scans our universe of stocks on a daily basis to produce potential investment opportunities where there is limited risk and maximum upside potential. Using our limited risk strategies allows investors to position themselves in stocks that offer significant upside potential and still be able to sleep at night. The average duration for a position is three months. LEAPS Trader utilizes technical and sentiment indicators to profit from market cycles without excessive trades. If you are a Type-A trader that needs to trade daily then LEAPS Trader is not for you. Our typical portfolio is 8-12 positions and will turnover 2-3 times per year. The object of the game is putting more profit in our pockets not making our brokers richer.

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The Option Writers is a portfolio of conservative cash-secured puts with a target gain of 3-5% per month. The primary objective of the Option Writers portfolio is consistent income with reduced risk through the sale of "out-of-the-money options. The underlying issues have favorable option premiums, well-defined trends, and a high probability of a remaining within a profitable range. The majority of positions are suitable for IRA accounts and consideration is also given to fundamental valuation as a stock can occasionally become (for the sale of covered-calls) a longer-term position in the portfolio. Among the services you can expect are: an online "model" portfolio with current positions and regular updates, weekly E-mails, ongoing strategy discussions, trading tutorials, and links to in-depth research, daily coverage of major market trends and current earnings forecasts.

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The OilSlick newsletter is a leading provider of related trades and education. We cater to all levels of trading experience, from the brand new investor just learning how trades work to the market-hardened veteran trader looking for more exotic energy trades, and everyone in between. The OilSlick energy recommendations newsletter is based on building both short and long term portfolios at key entry points in the energy cycle. All positions are fully explained from a fundamental and technical perspective. OilSlick recommends stocks, options and futures positions.

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