With one more day before expiration I am raising the stops on two positions.

The market is ripe with indecision but at least it is not going down. We are seeing many stocks gravitating towards their max pain levels. That is the strike where the market makers try to steer the underlying stock price so that the most options expire worthless. I am hoping that will be $30 on BRCM and $10 on BYD. The weak market has prevented those stocks from breaking over prior resistance.

Change the stop on BRCM to $29.50

Change the stop on BYD to $9.00

No change on SWI. That stock came within 4 cent of our stop today and apparently is finding support at just under $19 as I expected. If that support breaks we will take a hit. Hopefully the markets will find some traction on Thursday and take us out of danger.

No new plays tonight.

Jim Brown

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