You have to love a good Santa Claus rally when stocks go up for no particular reason. The Santa season historically adds around 2.5% to the S&P for the last ten days of the year, +1.5% starting on Christmas Eve.

Monday was a decent day although volume was much lower than I expected at just barely over 7 billion shares. The market opened strong as everyone who was assigned over option expiration rushed to clean up their positions before leaving for the holidays.

I am happy with everything we entered this morning but Akamai and Foster Wheeler were a minor buzz kill. FWLT was down -.42 and AKAM -.41. However, the +3.97 on Trina and +1.44 on PCP, +2.00 on IOC made up for the laggards.

Futures are up +3.25 and climbing and the markets seem to like the vote on the Health Care bill. The HMO sector was up strong on the news. That should continue tomorrow. If we didn't already have a full list of plays I would add one. However, I think we should just tend our new positions and not get over extended in case there is a surprise headed our way.

I updated the stops on everything so check the graphic for your plays.

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