I am going to tip toe into some new March positions because the market is not showing any strength. I am recommending three stocks with outstanding charts, two are making new highs and one is a new relative high. Hopefully they can buck any market volatility.

Once we get a trending market again I will start recommending some more aggressive plays but for this week I just want to stick my toe back into the water rather than dive in headfirst. The volatility we have seen may not be over. The Greece issue is likely to heat up this week and the worry over a second recessionary dip is also heating up.

Jim Brown

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New Recommendations

CLF - Cliffs Natural Resource - $56.37 (Naked Put Write)

Cliffs has already reported earnings that were decent despite some one-time charges. Cliffs garnered several upgrades and has been moving higher for the last couple weeks. Cliffs has broken out to a new high and I want to use the March $50 Put to keep us far enough away from the current price to avoid a stop and yet still have premium.

ENTER ONLY if CLF is positive, and S&P is positive at the open on Monday.

Sell MAR $50 PUT CLF 10O50 currently $.65, Stop at CLF $51.75.

Chart of CLF

FDX - Federal Express - $84.76 (Naked Put Write)

FedEx has rebounded from the Thursday drop like a cat with its tail on fire. I want to sell the $80 put, which is just below that Thursday dip.

ENTER ONLY if FDX is positive, and S&P is positive at the open on Monday.

Sell March $80.00 Put FDX 10O80 currently $.80, Stop FDX at $81.85

Chart of FDX

VMW - WM Ware - $49.51 (Naked Put Write)

VMW dipped twice last week and both times the drop was stopped at $47.50. I am recommending the $47 put to stay under that support.

ENTER ONLY if VMW is positive, and S&P is positive at Monday's open.

Sell March $47.00 PUT VMW 10O47 currently $.70, Stop VMW at $47.95

Chart of VMW