Strong earnings by Dupont were not enough to keep the market moving higher.

We lost Trina Solar and CREE today after both posted unexpected declines. I raised the stops on Monday night just in case the unexpected appears and we were able to exit Trina for a small profit and CREE for a breakeven.

Amazon never hit the entry target today of $119.50 and I am dropping it as an active target.

I believe we are going to see some market weakness over the coming days so I am not adding any new plays tonight. The Dow has been up for four consecutive days, three of them triple digits. The S&P is stalled at strong resistance at the 1113-1116 level and the Nasdaq could not close positive even with Apple and Google posting big gains. Time for us to watch from the sidelines.

Check the portfolio graphic for new stop losses on other positions. The volatility is inflating put premiums so I adjusted the stop losses higher.

Jim Brown

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