The -200 point drop at the open took us out of five more positions for a net loss of a nickel.

If we were lucky enough to see just a normal down day I believe we could have kept all but one of our current plays. Instead the -200 point drop and serious decline in techs and commodities was too much for weak holders and traders ran for cover.

We lost IOC, FFIV, FSLR, MELI and PRU for a net loss of 5-cents. I am very glad I raised all the stops again.

IOC stopped at 65.40, 63-cents. Our entry was $1.44 for a gain of 81-cents.

FFIV stopped at 89.75, 1.50. Our entry was $2.25 for a gain of 75-cents.

FSLR stopped at 126.65, 3.85. Our entry was $3.38 for a loss of 47-cents.

MELI stopped at $65.25, 1.44. Our entry was 91-cents for a loss of 53-cents.

PRU stopped at 58.50, 1.70. Our entry was 1.19 for a loss of 51-cents.

Jim Brown

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